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When do you cut your horses hair?

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It completely depends on your horse and what you plan to do with him. Some horses never need to be clipped, either because they have naturally short hair or because they don't work hard and don't need to be clipped. People who show horses often shave them a little before show season (in the spring or summer) to give them a glossy, clean-shaven look. Show horses often need their whiskers cut, and their ears and ankles shaved before every show. Show horses with fast-growing hair need their bodies shaved several times a year, some only need to be shaved once or twice. If a horse doesn't work very hard, it is preferable to leave him unshaven during the winter. If a horse works hard and trains during the winter, however, it may be a good idea to shave him when it's cold to prevent him from overheating during workouts. If you do this, you need to make sure to put more and heavier blankets on him- and prepare for him to be a bit frisky for a while! You cut a horses hair with horse clippers. :)

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What is it called when you cut hair behind a horses ear?

The bridlepath

How do you change your horses style?

you can cut its hair or sell it for glue

What is a Hair cut behind a horses Ear called?


What is it called when you cut the hair behind the horses ears?

That is called the bridlepath.

Why is it necessary to cut your horses hair?

It is not necessary to cut your horses hair.You can pull your horse's mane/tail to think it out for shows or whatnot but otherwise you don't have to. As for body clipping, unless you work your horse hard in the winter then it is unnecessary.

What is it called when you cut hair right behind a horses ear?


What do you call a horses hair?

horses have fur. not hair.

Why do horses have Bristols?

becuz people cut their hair and then leave bristols! dee-dee-der!!!

Do horses have hair or fur?

Horses have hair which is called a coat.

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Where can you find a violin bass or cello bow whose hair was not taken from a dead horse?

I don't think bows use hair from dead horses. You can just cut the hair and it regrows.

How often do you give a horse a hair cut?

unless your trimming their mane or tail or maybe fetlocks, horses need their hair to protect them from sunburn among other things.

When cleaning and grooming a horse it is important to cut the hair inside horses ear?

No, its not. People only cut the hair inside their ears for show. The hair inside horses' ears protect them from flys, dirt, water, etc. If you do want to clip the ears, then you should put cotton balls inside their ear (not too deep, be careful!) beforehand so hair doesn't get inside their ear completley. ~Bree

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What is the horses long hair on its neck called?

The hair on the horses neck is called a mane.

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What do you call it when you cut hair behind a horses ear?

Cutting the mane behind the horse's ears is called trimming the bridle path.

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Do horses hair grow?

yes, a horses hair does grow. They have a summer and winter coat, just like a dog. Also, their main and tail grows. A woman once didn't trim her horses tail about 10 years. She kept it in a bun near the rump. The horses tail grew to be about 9 feet. People who show their horses tend to like to keep their horses' main trimmed in a straight line, like a military cut.

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