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Q: When do you get a reply if youre through to first audition on Britain's got talent?
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Do you need to take a mic for your daughters first audition for Britains got talent?

No, mics will be provided.

What song did Julian Smith play the Britains Got Talent audition the first one NOT the semi final?

Somewhere, from West Side Story

Who has gone on britains got talent and the first letter begins with l and ends in x who is it?

no one

Do you see the Britain's Got Talent judges on your first audition?

You perform for the producers first.

Where is the first audition for Britain's Got Talent 2012?

My other half has just been invited to audition in Manchester on 31 October 2011

What date do the Britain's Got Talent producers tell you if you got through to the first round?

AnswerWell I had my audition in the November, and got my reply at the end of February the next year.

What is the name of the song that Bianca Ryan sang at her first America's Got Talent audition?

"And I am telling you"

Who was the winner of britains got talent 2006?

Britain's Got Talent originated in June 2007. There was no series in 2006.

How do you get a application fourm for Britains got talent 2011?

Follow the related link below to get an application form to apply as either a soloist or a group. The dates for the auditions will be announced nearer the time, but you are asked to pick a first and second choice location for your audition. You have until the 12th of September 2011 to apply.

What is the name of the song that Escala played first audition in British got talent?

"Palladio" by the Welsh composer Karl Jenkins

Who was the first person to audition on Britain's got talent?

It's impossible to know this as the acts aren't shown in order on TV.

Did Devon Aylett make it through to The X Factor?

She made it through her first audition.