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Normal protocol is to fly the flag at half mast to commemmorate the death of a public figure or on certain holidays such as Memorial Day.

When flying a flag at half mast, it should be raised to full height and then lowered to half mast. When lowering a flag that is at half mast, raise it to full height and then lower it.

In the United States, 4 USC section 7(m) specifies that the flag should be flown at half mast:

  • Upon the death of a president or former president of the US, for thirty days
  • Upon the death of a current vice-president, chief justice, or speaker of the house, for ten days
  • Upon the death of an associate justice of the supreme court, a cabinet or military secretary, a governor or a former vice-president, from death until interment
  • Upon the death of a member of congress, for that day and the following day
  • On Memorial Day, until noon
  • Whenever the president issues a proclamation that it should be done (state governors can proclaim a half-mast day in their own states as well); traditionally this is done at least on Pearl Harbor Day (December 7) and on September 11, though the president or governor may choose to order additional ones as deemed proper
  • On May 15 (Peace Officers Memorial Day), unless that day is also Armed Forces Day
  • On the day of the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service, usually the first Sunday in October

Strictly speaking, this applies only to the US flag; however, since no other flag may be flown above the US flag, in practice it affects state and local flags and banners also.

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Q: When do you lower the flag to half mast?
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How should the flag be lowered half staff?

Raise the flag to the truck (the flagpole top-piece) then lower the flag to half mast.

What days do you fly the flag at half mast?

A flag is flown at half-mast to indicate a death.

When the US flag is at half mast should the Papal flag also be at half mast?

The Papal flag should be full staff

When is the Irish flag flown at half mast?

the Irish flag is flown at half-mast on the death of a national or international figure.

What does the American flag at half mast mean?

Flying a flag at half-mast is done to commemorate a tragedy of some kind.

When the American flag is flown lower than usual what is it called?

Half-mast. Usually due to tragedies.

What regular yearly days do you fly Canadian flag at half mast?

You only fly a Canadian flag at half mast when you are mourning.

What procedure must be followed for a flag to fly at half-mast?

The flag must first be hoisted to the top of the mast momentarily, and then it is lowered to the half mast position and secured.

How do you fly a flag at half mast?

You fly a half-mast flag by quickly raising it into the air and then slowly dropping it half way, tie it off, and you are done!

Do you lower the American flag at half mast on Memorial Day?

yes from dawn until noon local time

Flying flags at half mast in Canada?

The canadian flag is flown at half mast to represent mourning.

When a flag is flown at half mast what does this mean?

When a flag is flown at half mast, it means that someone important (president, high member of congress) has died.

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