When do you pick Tobacco?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: When do you pick Tobacco?
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What makes tobacco?

People make tobacco. People grow the tobacco plant, pick the leaves, the leaves are dried and cut and this is what we call tobacco.

Why were many slaves needed in tobacco plantations?

To pick all of the tobacco, the fields were large and there were many different jobs that needed to be done.

What did slaves pick?

Yes. Indigo & tobacco were also what slaves picked.

What did slaves pick on Southern US farms and plantations?

Primarily, cotton and tobacco.

How did early colonists harvest their tobacco crops?

Slaves, or as the early settlers called them, black "indentured servants", were used to pick tobacco. Later on slaves were used for other crops, like cotton.

What is today's value of a Prince Albert tobacco can?

Looks like you can pick one up for around 3-$6 depending on condition.

What is hard worker example?

A hard worker is someone who will pick tobacco leaves in the hot sun all day for 5 cents an hour.

What products were used in the Virginia colony?


What crop made the colony of Jamestown successful?


What were some things that slaves had to do for their master?

pick tobacco or cotton,cook,clean,dress their masters,sew,gather wood,tie their shoes and decorate for holidays.

Marijuana smoke contains some of the same harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke?

Cannabis smoke contains cannabinoids whereas tobacco smoke contains nicotine.Reasons why tobacco smokers are prone to lung cancers whereas lung-health risks of smoking Marijuana products appear "relatively small". So you gotta pick the best for your health!

What is the difference between tobacco and tobacco products?

tobacco is a plant and tobacco products are tobacco mixed with a lot of other ingredients