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When do you put algaecide in your pool?

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It does not matter if you have an above ground or in ground pool, just take the bottle and go around the pool spilling it in at the side of the pool,make a complete circle around the pool, that would be for maintaining an alage free pool after a rain storm. If your pools green then it is best to add the contents as recommended on the bottle.for the amount of alage control to the amount of gallons that your pool holds, I would add the perscribed amount the same way, just make sure you are running your filter if your water is green.

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What do I do I put 10 times the dose Algaecide in my pool pool?

Hmmm, you did not read the instructions on the algaecide did you ! Call the manufacturer of the product for this info.

Can you put too much algaecide in a pool?


Can you shock your pool after you just put algaecide in it?

Yes one has no effect on the other

How soon after you put algaecide in the pool can you get in it?

You want to have the equipment running while adding any chemicals. You will want to wait about an hour after adding algaecide.

What should you do if you accidentally put two and a half times more algaecide than the recommended dose in your pool and is it too toxic to go in it?

Vaccum the algaecide and its treated remainder to WASTE. Keep testing until it is ok. It should be fine. You may also call the company who makes the algaecide to get their suggestions. When I had a problem with my pool about three weeks ago, the pool company put a LOT of algaecide in the pool and then I vaccumed it to waste. Now I put just the minimum in each week to prevent algae from growing.

How much algaecide do you put into 24ft round pool?

First you have to figure the number of gallons in the pool. Go to: Fill in your pool information and the site will calculate the number of gallons. Next examine the instructions on your algaecide and it will tell you how many ounces of algaecide to use per 10,000 gallons of water per week.

How do you make homemade pool algaecide?

A person can make a homemade pool algaecide by combining bleach, baking soda, and Borax. This shocks the pool and increases the pH if needed.

Can you add algaecide to a pebbletec pool if its a salt pool what about shocking it?

You can add algaecide to a salt water pool just make sure that you are allowed to use the type of algaecide you have in mind chlorinators don't necessarily agree with metal based algaecides.

Can you add algaecide to a saltwater pool?

Yes you can

How do you put in algaecide?

follow the instructions on the bottle or just mix it with water in a bucked and cast it evenly around the pool

How do you get the green out of your pool?

By killing the green algae with an algaecide available at your pool shop.

Pool water is gray?

It sounds like you have an algae problem. Shock the pool and toss in a dose of algaecide. Take a sample of the water along to your pool shop and get it tested while you are getting the algaecide.

My swimming pool is cloudy I think I put too much algaecide in it It's been about a week What should I do?

Stop masturbating in it

How long after adding algaecide can you use pool?


How do i clear green water in pool?

Ad an algaecide

Is algaecide added to slat water pool when filter is on?

Adding algaecide to the pool when the filter is on should not do any harm in fact it should mix it into the water more quickly

What do you use algicide for in the pool?

Algaecide is used to kill and or prevent algae. Pool & Spa.

When do you know to put algaecide into your pool?

The instructions that come with the algaecide will tell you how often to use it. I use it in a small recirculating fountain in my front yard about every two weeks. It takes about 10 drops for that amount of water.

How do you remove algae from pools?

You need to keep the chemical balance of the pool. Make sure you test regularly. You should keep your cyanuric acid levels to the optimum level of 30-80ppm. You may need to shock the pool with algaecide.

How do you get rid of green stuff in your pool?

Buy algaecide and follow the label. You can get it from a pool supply store.

Would algaecide cause milky water in your pool?

my pool did get milky but cleared up after 48 hours

What do you do about too much algaecide in a pool?

Ignore it it will go away eventually.

What do you do if pool has high chlorine with algae?

Use an algaecide and test for phosphates.

If you put algaecide directly into swimming pool without mixing in a bucket of water first will it eat the paint away?

You don't have to mix the algaecide in a bucket of water, you can put it directly in the pool. I use Polyquat 60 that comes in quart bottles and add about 4-6 ounces per week. Just walk along the edge of the pool and pour it at the edge while walking. No algaecide will "eat the paint". It's not acid. In fact, all the algaecide does is strip the cell walls of the algae and make it more susceptible to the chlorine. It's the chlorine that kills the algae. However, one algaecide with a side effect of staining is Copper. It's a very effective algaecide, and it's safe - but it will stain concrete pools if it's used in a high enough concentration. And Copper can stain blonde hair as well. That's why I don't recommend using it. The preferred algaecide is Polyquat 60.

Can you recommend a good algaecide for getting rid of black algae?

add a poly 60 or a 7% copper based algaecide if you dont have a heater on the pool.