When do you send a thank-you letter?

Sending a thank you letter shows that you are a conscientious and considerate professional. Sending a thank you letter, demonstrates that not only do you under business ethics and decorum, but you are also one who takes the time to do the "extras"... A little follow up never hurts; instead, it always helps. Working on hiring panels, I have evidenced that too few applicants go the extra mile to say, "Thanks for considering me." The goal is for the hiring panel to "remember you..." By sending a Thank You Letter, you can accentuate your skills; recap what you learned about the organization (highlighting your research, listening skills, and attention to detail); and, clear up any issues or explain any concerns that may have surfaced during the process. In order to do this effectively, send the letter between 1-3 days following the interview. Waiting to late, may be too late (i.e. a decision have been made). The answer just above this one is excellent in my opinion. A handwritten note on monarch sized stationery should always be sent to arrive no later than one week after the date of any interview. It shows class, it also shows interest, and it gives you a reason to make that follow up phone call.