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4 weeks

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Q: When do you start feeling pregnancy symptoms?
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When do you start feeling symptoms of being pregnant?

How far along do you half to be to start feeling the symptom's of the pregnancy.

Is feeling bloated and swollen burst symptoms of pregnancy?


Can pregnancy symptoms start a day?


How soon do you start feeling or noticing pregnancy symptoms if you might have conceived one week ago?

Hello. You may not experience any symptoms till your period is late.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy everyone feels?

feeling to eat something sour

Pregnancy symptoms at 15dpo?

lower backache and bubble feeling from uterus...

Can a sign of pregnancy be the feeling of getting period?

Yes, the symptoms are similar.

When should you start to feel symptoms if you're pregnant?

It's different on every women. Some starts feeling minor symptoms even on the first week Of pregnancy depending on their body. But normally symptoms start after the first month atleast.

Can pregnancy symptoms be present at 2 weeks?

Yes, they can. 2 weeks is the earliest that pregnancy symptoms start to appear. For a lot of women though, pregnancy symptoms do not start until 4-6 weeks.

I am in my 5th week of pregnancy and am not experiencing any symptoms not even sore breasts is this normal?

It is normal not to feel any symptoms, I started feeling pregnancy symptoms when I was 6 weeks!

Can you start feeling signs of pregnancy with in the first week?

Hello. No. Some women begin to feel pregnancy symptoms after the embryo has implanted. But you wont feel symptoms till the embryo has begun releasing HCG which is over a week after having sex.

Can pregnancy symptoms start before your first missed period?

Yes definitely. Pregnancy symptoms can start as soon as 7 days after unprotected sex.

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