When do you start showing?

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If this is your 1st pregnancy some women don't show until their 4th month. But if you are overweight then it could be some time before actually noticing you are pregnant. If this is not your 1st you can show anywhere from 8 weeks & up. I am 52kg and currently 10 weeks pregnant and showing...every pregnancy and person is different. This is my first pregnancy and I am a size 8 and currently 2 and half months pregnant and showing. I was 2 in half months pregnant with my first when I started to show. I have a slim body so I started to show earlier when I noticed that I had a little bump. I haven't gained as much that I 'm suppose to Now I'm 15 weeks pregnant and my belly is getting a little big and starting to look round.

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Q: When do you start showing?
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