When do you turn off your outside Christmas lights?


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When Christmas is over.

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To turn off lights from the outside (I have one too).

Some cars have lights that turn on lights automatically due to outside brightness

Whenever you want to! Most people do it by the New Year's however.

when you turn off the lights your saving energy

11 55pm according to the facebook page

You should turn off all lights that you are not using.

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A catchy slogan for turning off the lights is "Be bright, turn off the light".

Turn off the dimmer for the dash which in a 1998 Explorer is to the right of the headlight switch.

Whenever you want to. Most take them down after New Year's Day, thank goodness.

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The Christmas lights at Temple Square are on from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day each year. The regular temple lights, which illuminate the temple, are on every night.

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it not off as in turn off the lights it of.(:

If the warning lights will not turn off it could be the on and off switch. It could also be the relay switch.

Some of the shoes you can turn the lights off and some you can't. Before you buy them, you should check.

Christmas decoration lights can become damaged after repeated use and being packed away each year. The safety concern is that an electrical fault could cause a fire. It is safest to turn the lights off when nobody is in the room.

Turn your low beam headlamps on and then pull out towards you on the headlamp control to turn the fog lights on / push in to turn fog lights off

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