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I have always been accustomed to seeing the word opposed in reference to two dissimilar things, until I recently stumbled across a piece of writing that used the word apposed. I had personally never heard the word apposed used and took a further look into the appossed-oppossed dilemma. My digging, or rather Surfing, led to my discovery that the proper word choice is in fact opposed. The word apposed is used in reference with "placing in proximity". An example of this being, "Edges are closely apposed to each other". While the use of opposed remains the more commonly heard phrase of something as opposed to something else. An example of this being, "I would prefer tea as opposed to coffee". Although not the most common usage of 'as opposed to', it serves the purpose of providing a comprehendable explanation. The usage of opposed, in and of itself, is quite different from the phrase 'as opposed to'. The definition of opposed depends upon whether the word is used as a transitive verb or an adjective. When used as a transitive verb, the definition of opposed is "to place over against something so as to provide resistance, counterbalance, or contrast". As opposed to (sorry I couldn't help, but use the phrase) using opposed as an adjective, where the definition would be "set or placed in opposition". In an attempt to further clarify the difference between the usage of opposed as a transitive verb and an adjective, I will provide an examples, for both, used in sentences. When using 'as opposed to' the word is an adjective so it is proper to say, "I would prefer tea as opposed to coffee". However, when using opposed as a transitive verb, it is proper to say, "These two teams opposed each other in last year's playoffs". Hopefully that clears up the opposed as opposed to apposed dilemma (once again I apologize it's just too entertaining to pass up).

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Q: When do you use the terms 'opposed' vs. 'as opposed'?
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