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When do you usually pay dividends?

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Most companies pay out dividends quarterly. In order to earn a dividend, you must own stock in a company on one date, and they pay dividends on another date.

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Do stock dividends always pay monthly?

No, stock does not always pay dividends at all much less monthly.

How many times per year are dividends paid?

Most corporatiions that pay dividends, pay them 4 times a year.

A decrease in a firm's willingness to pay dividends is likely to result from an increase in its what?

A decrease in a firm's willingness to pay dividends is likely to result from an increase in its profitable investment opportunities. A dividend is a payment made by a corporation to its stockholders. It is a usually a distribution of profit.

What type of investments pay cash dividends?

There are several types of investments that pay cash dividends. Some of these include: High Yield Investments, Stock Dividends, as well as Dividend ETF's.

Does target pay dividends?


Why do investors buy stocks that pay dividends?

Dividends provide income to the owners of the stock.

Can capital be distributed as dividends?

Yes. All companies who pay dividends usually do so out of Retained Capital. Even Real Estate companies (REITS, private partnershiplps, etc) with losses "on the books" because of depreciation or other allowed tax deferrals/credits can pay dividends, and most do. Sometimes you see venture Capital companies take control of a company and pay a special dividend out of "capital."

When are dividends taxed on life insurance?

If you are receiving dividends from a life insurance policy, do you have to pay taxes and what %

Do stocks that don't pay dividends have value?

The value for anything is whatever someone else is willing to pay for it. This is true for baseball cards and stocks that don't pay dividends as well.

Dividends are usually paid how many times a year?

This would depend on the company, but many pay 2 or 4 times a year.

To whom and how are dividends usually paid?

Dividends are usually paid to the investors of a company. These are paid on an annual or, more commonly, a quarterly basis.

What is the relevance of dividend cover if dividends are paid out of distributable profits?

Because dividend cover represents the amount of times by which dividends can be paid by profits. i.e. the company's ability to pay it's dividends. The higher the dividend cover the greater the ability of the company to pay dividends out of it's distributable profits. Dividends according to companies act legislation can only be paid out of distributable profits hence the relevance of dividend cover represents the companies ability to pay their dividends.

What forms can dividends take?

A corporate board of directors has the authority to declare and pay dividends in the form of cash or stock.

Is it compulsory to pay dividends on common equity?

No it is not. Dividends are a means of sharing the profit of a company with the share holders of that company but it is not compulsory. Companies usually declare dividends when they have a good financial year and make solid profits. If the year went bad, the company may opt not to declare any dividend that year.

What does retained earnings represent?

Retained earnings are a businesses earnings that have not been paid out as dividends. These are usually retained to pay off debt that the business owes.

Do you pay dividends?

"You" depends on whom you are referring toYou as in Investors / Individuals - the answer will be NO.. individuals don't pay dividends they receive dividends as a return on the money they invested in a company.You as a company that sales shares to the public - the answer will be YES. companies pay dividends to its investors when their business are making help you understand better:What is a dividend? - It is a money paid to the investor by the company he invested in, as a return on his investment (ROI) or interest as it is commonly known.

How do you pay Insurance Dividend?

You don't. Dividends are something that your receive,

What is the primary use of a C corporation's profits?

to pay dividends

How are Dividends are paid out of profits?

Yes. companies pay out dividends to its share holders from the profit they make out of their business. The more the profit the company makes the greater would be the dividends paid out to the shareholders.

How can stock dividends be paid?

Stock dividends are usually paid by check. Rarely, they can be applied to purchasing more stock or property. They are usually paid either quarterly or annually.

Do you have to pay taxes on stocks?

You have to pay taxes on the profits when you sell or otherwise dispose of the stocks. You also have to pay taxes on dividends.

Can dividends be paid out of retained loss?

No, dividends cannot be paid out of a retained loss. In order to pay out your retained losses, you will need to get a shareholder loan.

Why must stockholders pay taxes on dividends?

corporations must pay taxes on their incomes, profit is a form of income, and a dividend is a portion of corporate profits paid out to stockholders, and stockholders must pay personal income tax on those dividends.

Conservative bonds and stocks that pay regular dividends?

Income Fund...

When might a company pay out dividends?

When it has reached a point of stable earnings.