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I am not aware this is a symptom. However, shortly before giving birth, your breasts will start producing cholestrum and that may cause some firmness.

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When do he breasts swell during pregnancy?

You can begin to notice breast changes as early as two weeks into your pregnancy. It won't be until much later in your pregnancy though that you will begin to notice your breasts "swelling" due to breast milk. It really varies upon when you will notice breast swelling in the beginning of pregnancy though.

What week do your stomach begin to harden during pregnancy?

The stomach becomes hard as the baby grows in the stomach ,and takes proper form.

When during pregnancy does breast milk begin to leak?

Normally the breasts leak after the baby is born but they can leak a little toward the end of pregnancy.

You could be 5 days pregnant can you have milk in your breast?

Not usually no, as the changes to the breasts usually begin further into the pregnancy,.. the earliest breast changes are known to begin is 3 months. but then, this can be brought forward if its a second or 3rd pregnancy.

Is it unusual for breast milk to come in during the sixth month of pregnancy?

no it's not unusual for breast milk to come in during the sixth month of pregnancy. When I was pregnant, I had breast milk come in at four months. My doctor said that I was just starting to produce milk. As for you your getting ready to give birth and your breasts are preparing for the birth so your breast milk is starting to run its course and begin coming out soon.

How early might breast tenderness begin in a third pregnancy?

No different from your other 2 pregnancies

At what week do breasts begin to hurt during pregnancy?

With my first pregnancy, the breast agony was one of the first symptoms I noticed. I never had them hurt before my period so I knew there was something up. After the first pregnancy, it didn't occur until much later. Right now I am pregnant with #5 and I haven't had any breast pain, just colostrum.

What month do your breast start lactating?

Your breast don't really begin to lactate until later in pregnancy as in your last trimester. Many women see increase in their breast though, within the first trimester.

When does your stomach begin to get bigger during pregnancy?

Yur "baby belly" wont appear until the first few months during pregnancy. :)

Can breastfeeding avoid pregnancy?

Breast-feeding and only breast-feeding does prevent the egg formation. Once you begin to introduce bottled milk or foods, the ovaries will produce eggs.

When does cell differentiation in an embryo begin?

During the third to eighth week of pregnancy.

How early along in a pregnancy does the stomach begin to grow?

The stomach is the organ which is the primary digester of food. It does not grow during pregnancy.

Can your breast start feeling sore after 2 weeks of pregnancy?

Yes. Sore breasts in early pregnancy are common. As they begin to develop the mechanism for producing milk, there are a lot of changes and things get a bit crowded.

How early can pregnancy begin?

== == Pregnancy can begin when the sperm and egg meet.

When in pregnancy does your lower stomach or abdomen begin to harden?

If you are slim you will probably start to notice the difference when you are 14-15 weeks pregnant. If you are carrying more fat in the abdominal area you will notice it later.

If your stomach is hard does it mean you are pregnant?

No, probably not. Your abdomen doesn't begin to harden until around 5 months of pregnancy, so unless you are already quite far on, it is unlikely that this is a sign that you are pregnant

Is lamzoprazol safe during pregnancy?

Omeprazole is not the preferred medication for reflux during pregnancy. Pepci (Famotidine) is a better option. Please review any medications with your OB before you begin taking them.

Are breast supposed to leek during pregnancy?

Many mothers begin to leak Colostrum ( Sometimes called Pre-Milk. ) while they're pregnant, typically sometime in the third trimester. It is normal, although some expected mothers do not. So do not worry.

When will you begin to show during pregnancy?

it is different with everyone i would say sometime around two months.

What happens to an embryo during the first two months of pregnancy?

The first two months of pregnancy are the most important months of the pregnancy. The heart, brain, and other vital organs begin developing.

When do you start to spot during pregnancy?

Not everyone does spot during pregnancy.. It isn't something I would wait for.. I did with my first but not at all with my second. The question was when not can....some women would begin spotting during their second to third month or pregnancy but it shouldn't be more than that otherwise it would be something to worry about.

When does your stomach get hard during pregnancy?

Your stomach will begin to get hard during your fifth month in pregnancy. Your belly gets hard when the skin stretches. This can cause markings so usea lot of lotion during this time.when your about three to four months

When will you have breast milk?

Most women begin lactating during their pregnancy, although those who have not previously given birth or breast fed, produce very little until after their child is born. They will continue producing milk as long as there is a need, once the child is weaned the breast will slowly stop producing milk entirely. Many women can re-lactate at a later date without going through a pregnancy - by stimulating their nipples. If a breast starts producing milk without pregnancy or cause, she should be seen by an endocrinologist for hormone imbalance. Men, given the right hormones can also lactate, although most go through their lives without using this ability.

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