The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

When does Bilbo tell them about the ring?

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Bilbo never actually knew that the ring was the Ring of Power, but I don't believe anybody knew that he had it until after the end of the book, The Hobbit. I could be wrong though.

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It tells us that Bilbo is becoming too attached to the ring.

in chapter 8 after they fight the spiders

Thorin does not give Bilbo a ring.

he tells them because they needed to know

It is possible the Ring had already begun to affect Bilbo, and he would not want any to know what he had, and therefore try to take it from him.

He tells Bilbo that he thinks he should leave the ring behind for Frodo at his house in the shire before embarking on his journey.

Bilbo was recruited by Gandalf to join the dwarves' mission as a master thief. Bilbo does not tell his friends about the magic ring because he wants to earn their respect as a thief. Alternatively, it could be the ring's power already beginning to assert its influence over Biblo. In the end, however, Bilbo does tell the dwarves about the ring and that it has the ability to make him invisible, which was what enabled him to escape Gollum, the goblins, and to sneak into the dwarves' camp while Balin was on watch.

The Ring helps Bilbo become invisible when he wears it.

No, Bilbo left the ring to Frodo. Frodo makes it to Mordor with the One Ring.

Many people knew that the One Ring existed, but they didn't know that Bilbo had it, except for Gollum. Gandalf suspected that Bilbo had the ring, but he wasn't sure.

They feel more safe knowing that Bilbo just saved all of their lives. And they treat him with more respect.

The ring gave Bilbo the power of invisibility that's y Gollum couldn't see him

He is scared to, the ring influences him to "protect his precious" and he likes the way prestige he gets for being so "sneaky" and "burglar like" because of using it. Therefore, if he revealed the ring, they would not be so impressed by Bilbo since the ring makes him invisible and helps him hide.

What did the magic of the sword tell bilbo

Nobody understood the significance of the ring yet. Bilbo thought it was a fine ring that could make him invisible. He used it well but did not tell anyone of its existance at first. This was the first clue that the ring was more than just a ring of invisibility. Bilbo was keeping it secret because the ring wanted him to. This was not understood until Gandalf confirmed what the ring was in 'The Fellowship of the Ring'.

Bilbo said, talking to himself, "what have i got in my pocket?" (it was the Ring). Gollum thought it was a riddle and Bilbo decided to make it one. he gave Gollum three chances to guess and gollum lost after four. then gollum went "to get something" (it was the ring), and Bilbo thought he was abandoned and left with the ring on. Gollum thought Bilbo knew the way out and he wanted to follow him, realizing Bilbo had the ring. Bilbo saw Gollum racing towards the gate and followed him to safety.

Bilbo finds a magical ring. This ring allows you to turn invisible.

Bilbo slipped on the ring and was invisible.

In chapter 5; Riddles in the dark; bilbo finds a ring.

Because Bilbo won it in his game of riddles with Gollum.

He knows Bilbo has 'a' magic ring, though he is not sure of its nature just yet; it is a suspicion he needed to confirm.

There were two editions of The Hobbit that were written. Prior to the Lord of the Rings, the ring itself had no history, and so Bilbo actually did reveal that he obtained the ring from Gollum. Later, when the Ring's malevolent history was dabbled into, Tolkein realized Gollum would never give up the ring willingly, and re-wrote the chapter in later editions to reflect that Bilbo more or less stole the ring. Canonically, Bilbo told Gandalf and the Dwarves that it was a prize for winning the riddle game. Gandalf had his suspicions, however, and managed to get the true story from Bilbo much later. The fact that Bilbo would lie about the entire incident struck Gandalf as alarming, since Hobbits weren't prone to such things as lying. One might say that the reason Bilbo lied was due to the effect that the Ring was having on him.

Because the ring is turning him selfish, making himself think that they might take it away if he tellls them about it. He wants to keep the ring all to himself.

it makes him invisible

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