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When does Blaziken learn Flamethrower?

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Blaziken cannot learn Flamethrower by leveling up but it can learn Flamethrower via the TM 35. Blaziken's pre-evolved form Torchic can learn Flamethrower at level 43.

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Blaziken does NOT learn flamethrower. but torchiccan. at level 42 i think!

Blaziken can only learn Flamethrower by TM, as it cannot learn it by leveling up. However, as a Torchic, it can learn Flamethrower at some level around level 50.

In all versions: only from TM 35. Torchic can learn Flamethrower at level 45 (to stop evolve, use Everstone or press B button while evolving).

No, Blaziken can not learn headbutt.

blaziken can learn ice punch

Combusken does not naturally learn flamethrower. However it can be taught flamethrower using a tm.

Flamethrower, Blaze kick, Sky uppercut, Overheat

it can't learn flamethrower by itself but you can give it the TM flamethrower, you get that from the game corner

No, Skorupi does not learn flamethrower and can't learn it in any other way.

Ponyta can only learn flamethrower through TM's

chimcha can learn the move flamethrower

emboar learn flamethrower at levle 43.

Cyndaquil can learn Flamethrower at level 37.

rapidash learns flamethrower if you get the TM flamethrower and teach it

Palkia can learn flamethrower with a TM otherwise NO

He can't learn flamethrower.But you can give him a TM (flamethrower).

Ninetales can't learn Flamethrower unless you use TM or make your vulpix lvl 24 where it will learn flamethrower then evolve it into a ninetales.

No Torterra cant learn flamethrower because flamethrower is a fire move. Fire Super Effective Against Grass.

Flygon will only learn Flamethrower if it is taught using TM 35.

Houndour will learn flamethrower at level 48

Houndour learn flamethrower at 43 level (Pokemon platinum)

Infernape can only learn Flamethrower via TM. It cannot learn it by leveling up.

Blaziken learns Slash at level 42.

what i learnd OS with my blaziken it learn sky uppercut at lvl 57but that is what i think

Yes, Ho-Oh can learn Flamethrower, but not by level. It learns Flamethrower through the use of the Flamethrower TM.