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When does CSI Miami season7 start in the UK?

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The UK start date is June 2010 I think.

The current series of CSI should be ending on 23rd June 2009. This means that CSI Miami will probably start on 30th June 2009.

i have been told it will start round about July or June

Doesnt look like it is. Its been cancelled by CBS. :(

It has just finished in the UK, Grisome leaves and Laurence Fisherbourne (of the matrix) takes over.

According to wikipedia the UK start date is June 2010 - Sky TV reminder system says June 2010 but the last Tuesday in June (CSI MIAMI DAY) is episode 24 of 25 of season 7. I would therefore say look for a mid July-ish start date! Csi Miami season 8 Begins 13th July in England

it premieres in September 2010 but not to sure about in the UK I'm in the UK and I'm able to watch them online as they come out in America

According to a trailer shown this week, it starts on 30th June.

It starts Saturday 21st July on Channel 5 and 5HD at 10.10pm

There will be no season 11, CBS announced that the series has to come to an end due to view rating.....

CSI will air in the UK when FIVE or Living pick it up which will most prob be in January

the final episode ever has already been shown you tool lol mickey hickey

In America Yes it is aired on mondays. But in the UK it is aired at the moment on tuesdays

Series 8 of CSI Miami should start airing after all episodes of series 7 have been aired. The United Kingdom is a series behind the US, and filming of the new series is starting pretty soon. Sorry for my vague answer but it's the best I can give you for now.

When does csi las vegas season 12 start on channel 5

CSI NY Series 7 starts in September 2010 SEason 7 started in America in Sept 2010. We in the UK will probably have to wait for the present series of Miami to finish before N.Y. starts. Probably a couple of months yet. Unfortunately.

It has in the UK. The episode airs on the night of June 30.

January 12 2010 !!! On Channel Five

Starts on 11th January on chanel 5.

Probs be around the last week in July/begining of August 2012 I would say.