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I believe that they won't be releasing it in Australia. Season 5 is released in the states on December 13th. I have purchased seasons 1-4 from Amazon and they great and no problems playing the dvd's. they also work out less that what we would pay here. In Australia, you on Average pay between $80-$90 for a box set so it works out cheaper delivered to your door on std international delivery. Good Luck

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โˆ™ 2005-11-14 05:28:34
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Q: When does Gilmore Girls season 4 and 5 come out on DVD in Australia?
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Gilmore Girls did not come out with a Season 8 because the original creator and screenwriter of Gilmore Girls quit after the 6th season due to a disagreement with the show's managers. So, a new screenwriter wrote the script for the 7th season and was unable to continue Gilmore Girls because they did not want "the magic" to leave. The creator of Gilmore Girls, Amy, was an amazing screenwriter, and she had a talent of writing Gilmore Girls that the next screenwriters were unable to produce.

What year will season 8 of the Gilmore girls come on?

On ABC Family, during the summer of '09, they said they were showing the new season of Gilmore Girls but, they just showed season 7 over again. At this moment, there will be on Gilmore Girls season 8. I have read, though, that there may be because the season 7 finale left viewers with many unanswered question.

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In Season 7, episode 139, "Introducing Lorelai Planetarium", Logan moves from London to New York City.

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