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it takes place in 1589

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The Battle Of Shiloh took place on April 6-7 of 1862.

shiloh creek NEW RESPONDENT The Battle of Shiloh took place on the west side of the River Tennessee, close to Pittsburg Landing, near the border of Mississippi.

The US Civil War Battle of Shiloh took place in the Western Theater. The Battle of Shiloh was fought on April 6-7,1862.

I think the answer is West Virginia. Am I right?

It took place in Pittsburg, Tennessee. The time was April 6, 1862.

It was at Pittsburg Landing on the Tennessee River, near Corinth. Shiloh was the name of a little church nearby.

The Battle of Shiloh, also called the Battle of Pittsburg Landing, occurred in Southwestern Tennessee, in Hardin County.

The US Civil War Battle of Shiloh took place just off of Pittsburg Landing which lay on the Tennessee River. The Confederate state of Tennessee was its Southern location.

There was a church called Shiloh near the battle feild. Shiloh means place of peace in Hebrew.

Hardin County. (might have spelled that wrong)

The Battle of Shiloh, took place April 6-7, 1862.

The Battle of Shiloh had taken place from April 6 to April 7, 1862. The Battle of Shiloh was fought in southwestern Tennessee. It was one of the major battles of The American Civil War.

Shiloh was the Newbery Medal winner in 1992.

because the people wanted there own states and all blacks wanted the rights as that of the white people.

According to tradition, the Tabernacle stood at Shiloh for 369 years.

There is not particular time or date given. The time is generic, meaning it could have happened years ago or in the future.

In took place in Tennessee. To learn more type in "Battle of Shiloh" in the question box and you'll get more detail.

Shiloh is the first book , Shiloh season is the second and saving Shiloh is the third

The Battle of Shiloh took place over a period of two days. It was fought on April 6-7, 1862,

The Battle of Shiloh took place over two days, April 6-7, 1862, in southwest Tennessee.

It wasn't a city. It was a landing-place on the Tennessee River, and most of the fighting was near a small church called Shiloh Church.

The setting for the book Shiloh is a place near Friendly, West Virginia. The book was a 1990s Newberry Medal winner, whose main protagonist was named Marty Preston. Shiloh in the book refers to Marty's dog which he named after the old Shiloh school house.

In a pen at marthy house

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