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When does a bunny become a rabbit?


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bunny becomes a rabbit when they are a adult rabbit bunny= baby=about 1 yrs rabbit=adult= 2-5

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A bunny is a rabbit, particularly a young rabbit.

Well a bunny rabbit is a baby rabbit

Another name for rabbit is a bunny, hare, and bunny rabbit.

No. A bunny and a rabbit are the same thing.

yes my grandma's rabbit's bunny died and then the rabbit died

nothing really. if anything it is like bunny-baby bunny and rabbit-adult or over baby aged rabbit

The Easter Bunny brings the eggs and the Bunny Rabbit eats them!

Bunnyrabbit. hare, bunny rabbit,buuny

Hare is another word for bunny and rabbit.

A rabbit is a animal that is bigger than a bunny. Also,it is almost the same as a bunny.Bunny is a term coined to make the rabbit too cute to eat as food. It usually is used for a young rabbit or the Easter Bunny.

The name of a baby rabbit is a bunny. If there alot of bunny we called it bunnies.

Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage happened in 1994.

A buck is a male bunny/rabbit.

OK so a rabbit is sometimes referred to a bunny because it is small and a baby so a bunny is a small rabbit or a baby and a rabbit is an older bunny. If you are picking up a bunny or rabbit you must hold their but and grab their feet. Rabbits and bunnies are very a afraid of being dropped and getting hurt. Be sure to pat your bunny or rabbit a lot they loved to be patted. By patting them they know you smell and trust you to take care of them.

He is a cartoon rabbit.

Bugs Bunny Rabbit Rampage was created in 1994-02.

The cast of Bunny Rabbit - 2007 includes: Ryan Baylor as The Sniper Alissa Dean as Mary Craig Welzbacher as Bunny Rabbit

bugs bunny? bugs bunny?

A young rabbit is called a bunny.

well you can do: bar bit bun run rub and thats all i can think of right now (of unless you can do bunny rabbit or just bunny or just rabbit)

Cat is to kitty as rabbit is to bunny. Reason: a kitty or kitten is a baby or young Cat. And a bunny is a young, or baby rabbit. :D

That is the correct spelling of the word "bunny" (a rabbit or hare).

The Easter bunny does have a tail because he is a RABBIT.

I hop like a rabbit

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