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When does a farm vehicle not need a license plate?

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== == When its' displaying a S.M.V. placard on the rear - while traveling during daylight hours - under 45MPH - while being used for Agricultural use exclusively. Other than these, ..

That's a state issue. You'll need to contact your state to learn the individual laws. For most states, farm implements, meaning those implements, such as tractors and combines, that are not specifically designed for transportation such as trucks and cars are not necessarily required to get a highway license. Your state may be different so you'll need to ask. Many states will require that an ATC that is used as farm equipment be licensed. You'll need to check. Most states have their laws available on the internet. For links to those, see

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Do you need a front license plate in Pennsylvania?

No you do not need a liscense plate on the fromy of your vehicle in Pennsylvania

Do farm trucks need a front license plate in Texas?


Do you need a front license plate in Massachusetts?

No, just on the rear of the vehicle

How long to keep a temporary license plate?

When you have a temporary license plate you only have so long before you need to register your vehicle and receive a permanent license plate. Most temporary license plates have an expiration date on them, however should you not find it, the expiration date is typically 30 prior to when you purchased the vehicle.

What do you need in order to get a license plate sticker?

a license plate

How many license plates do you need in new york?

you need two. A front license plate and a back license plate.

How do you replace the license plate light on a 95 olds cutlass supreme?

The license plate light on a 1995 Olds Cutlass Supreme can be replaced by accessing the bulb through a hole in the bumper next to the license plate. A person may need to do this from underneath the vehicle.

What do you need to get a license plate for your car?

If there is not an existing plate, you need the title, registration, and valid drivers license.

What if there is no place for front license plate?

Depending on where you live, you may not need a front license plate. Many provinces & states only require a rear license plate. Check with your Registry of Motor Vehicles (or equivalent).(In THE US) If your state requires front license plates, you need to contact a parts dealer for your vehicle make to find out what they have to offer. All car makes offer a front license plate bracket. It will be worth it to purchase and install the plate bracket. This will be less expensive than paying one or two or more violation citations, not to mention the effect on your drivers' license and possibly your auto insurance.Additional: If you purchased the vehicle in a state that requires two license plates and the dealer did not supply you with a front plate bracket HE OWES YOU ONE FREE OF CHARGE or he is not complying with the law by selling you a vehicle that doesn't meet the state's motor vehicle requirements.

Do you need a licence to drive a vehicle motorbike quadbike tractor on private farm property in south Africa?

It's a private farm. As long as you don't get near the public, you don't need a license.

Do you need a CDL license to drive a 33000 truck?

Yes, unless you fit the criteria to fall under the farm truck, recreational vehicle, military vehicle, or emergency vehicle exemptions.

Who owns vehicle registration y98 bnh?

If Y98BNH is a license plate number, then you need to go to the Vehicle Registration office or Department of Motor Vehicles to do an inquiry.

How many license plates does your car need?

It depends upon the type of vehicle and the jurisdiction in which you registered the vehicle. Generally, motorcycles and trailers require only one license plate. In North America, all passenger vehicles have at least one license plate affixed to the rear of the vehicle, and in some jurisdictions, a duplicate license plate is affixed to the front of the passenger vehicle. . If the motor vehicles licensing office in your jurisdiction issued you two license plates, then you are generally required to affix the plates to both the front and rear of the vehicle. If your motor vehicle licensing office issued you only one plate, then you are still permitted to use the vehicle to visit anywhere in North America. i live in Missouri and we have to have 2 i live in Missouri .i have to have two on my van

Do I need a front license plate in Idaho?

Yes, Idaho requires front license plate.

Could you inform me about how to find license plate number?

If you lose a license plate or plates and need the license plate number, you can look up your license plate number even if you no longer physically have your own.

Do you need a license in New jersey to ride a rocket bike?

You need a license to drive any powered vehicle on public roads except farm equipment. They're not legal for road use in NJ

How many license plates does your car need in the state of Idaho?

You only need one license plate on your car in the state of Idaho. There is only one place to put a license plate on a car, and one required.

How often do you need to renew your licence plate sticker?

In most areas, you need to renew your license plate sticker every year. This allows states to keep vehicle records and registration as current as possible.

Do you need to be license operate a forklift in a business area?

If it's going to be operated on public roadways, you do, and the vehicle needs to display a license plate. If it's solely on private property, no.

Is it necessary to have separate license for car and bike?

Not in the state I live in. My drivers license and motorcycle license are the same. It is just listed on the back of my auto drivers license, Motorcycle. Now if you are talking about the license plate then yes, you need one for each vehicle.

Do you need a license to register a vehicle in Ma?

Yes you would need a valid drivers license to register a vehicle in mass.

Where can you go in fl to get a license plate?

you need to go to the license bureau

If you buy a tri axle dump truck in Illinois and are driving it back to Massachusetts under a farm license plate do you need a CDL to drive it?

If the gross vehicle weight rating of the truck is 26,001 pounds or more, you need a CDL to operate it on the public highways. Since it's not a combination vehicle, a Class B CDL will do fine. Additionally, farm licence plates are only valid when operated by the farmer who registered the vehicle under those plates, their immediate family, or employees of that farmer, and only within a 150 mile radius of their farm. Not only would it be illegal for you to operate that vehicle without a CDL, but your use of a farm licence plate to transport it more than 150 miles from that farm (as well as not being a family member or employee of that farmer) is highly illegal.

Can you scrap your vehicle and retain the number plate?

Yes you can. You have the right to keep the license plate off your own car. Some states allow you to transfer your plates between vehicles. But the 2 vehicles need to be the same, You can't transfer a plate from a pickup truck to a car. But you can go from car to car and truck to truck. In addition: The answer to this question depends on which state the vehicle is licensed in. In some states, the license belongs to the vehicle owner and, depending on the state's law, may be transferred to another vehicle. In other states, the license stays on the vehicle, even when the vehicle is sold or scrapped.

What are the steps in selling a car in Arizona?

You need to sign off the back of the title and have your signature notarized.Then you give the title to the buyer with a lien release. You need to complete a sold notice online, or on the back of the vehicle registration. Then you can remove the license plate from the vehicle. Remember, the plate belongs to you.

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