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If the fence is on the legal, surveyed property line, then the line is official immediately.

If the fence is not on the legal, surveyed property line, your state's doctrine of mutual acquiescence will determine if and when the fence will become the line. A real estate attorney in your area will be able to tell if you have a legitimate mutual acquiescence claim.

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Q: When does a fence become a property lot line?
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What is the law on connecting to your neighbors fence?

You have to have their permission to connect to their fence. Usually, fences are constructed inside of the lot line, so there is some importance to what they choose to allow. In the best case scenario, you would have shared the cost of the first fence and connection is not an issue. If they do not agree, then you can build up to your property line, without a permanent connector.

Is Lot Line the same as Property Line?


Can you build up to the property line if you have a zero lot line lot?

yes you can but you have to be careful where the foundation wall sits. And the thickness of the footing has to be doubled and the projection cannot be on the other property.

In NJ and fence separated your home from unkept wooded property for over 25 years Now land is being built on and part of your land is really theirs and vice-versa Can they make you move a fence that d?

First of all, definite ownership needs to be established. There needs to be someone who can locate the pins in the property and declare the exact property line. This can be a surveyor also. If you have built on their lot or they have built on yours, you can get the county government involved to make someone move it off your property.

You have maintained 3ft of property over your lot line which extends to private golf course for 13 yrs you now want to fence our property to include this extra property?

If you are planning to take land from the golf course by adverse possession you may need to start counting from the time you install the fence. Sneaking over by three feet with your lawnmower may not meet the requirement of actual, open, visable, hostile and notorious use. You should seek the advice of an attorney.

How can you become owner of an empty lot that owns tax property?


How many feet of fence to fence in 160 acres?

That depends on the shape of the lot. But, assuming the lot is a perfect square, you would need 10,560 feet (two miles) of fence to surround it.

How much does a concrete fence cost?

A lot.

Is it legal to cross a solid white line in an apartment parking lot?

It depends. If the parking lot is private property, normal traffic laws are not enforceable, so, legally, you can do whatever you want. If the parking lot is public property, then traffic laws apply, and you should obey them. That said, a solid white line is NOT a restriction under normal traffic laws; rather it is an advisory indicator. So, crossing a solid white line is technically legal even on public property.

How many feet of fence to surround twelve acres?

That depends on the shape of the lot. But, if the lot was a perfect square, you would need 2,891.98 feet of fence to surround it.

Fence Installation ?

form_title= Fence Installation form_header= Wether it is for privacy or decoration- a fence looks great with any home! What type of fence do you want?*= _ [50] What is size of your lot?*= _ [50] What color do you want your fence?*= _ [50]

Who owns the right or left hand fence as you stand and look at a piece of domestic property in Glens Falls NY?

Facing the front of a house - the home owner owns the fence on the right-hand side. If it's a corner lot and no houses are on his left, he also owns that side, too.