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You and your partner will probably notice at around 14-15 weeks or possibly a little earlier if you are very slim. The rest of the world will probably notice around 18-20 weeks.

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Q: When does a person start to show when pregnant?
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Plus size and pregnant when do you start to show?

i am plus size and when I was pregnant, I didn't really start to show until about 6 months.

When do pregnant dogs start to show?

Usually around five weeks gestation they begin to show if they are pregnant.

Can a person show at 5 weeks pregnant?

Yes, it depends on how skinny you are. The skinnier you are, most likely the sooner you will show. Also, if this is not your first pregnancy you will start showing sooner.

What week do you start to show when your pregnant?

You start to show around 14-17 weeks. I didn't show until 17 weeks.

When does a pregnant women start to show?

A pregnant woman starts to show during her third month. You can show sooner if you are already fat before you get pregnant. Most women show during their fourth month also.

Was 15 year old kaitlin pregnant on the tyra banks show?

No she took a test at the start of the the end of the show Tyra reveals that Kaitlin was not pregnant Pregnate? REALLY?!

How long until you start to show your pregnant?

Arounds three or for months.

When do you usually start to show that you are pregnant?

Usually not until the second trimester.

When do you start to show after becoming pregnant?

Usually not until the second trimester.

How do you start to show when pregnant with a girl?

Boy or girl it makes no difference.

If your 15 when will you start to show if your pregnant?

A pregnancy usually starts to show in the second trimester for a woman, regardless of her age. If it's not the first child it can start to show earlier.

When do you show when your pregnant?

You can show during your second month of pregnancy. Some women don't start showing until their fourth month of pregnancy. It depends on your weight before you were pregnant when you will show.

When do pregnant girls start to show?

Some show at 6-10 weeks others at 16 weeks

When does a pregnant belly show?

You can start to show in your second month of pregnancy. You can see your skin start to stretch itself out. This is an uncomfortable time during pregnancy.

When is the earliest you can start to show when your pregnant?

Every woman is different but usually the earliest some women start to show in pregnancy is 6-10 weeks.

If you are pregnant when does the pregnancy start to show?

If your are healthy, and eating properly, at about 4 months.

Where do you start showing when pregnant?

On most woman you began to show below the belly

How long is it before you start to show your pregnant?

Usually not until the second trimester.

When does your belly start to show if your pregnant?

Most people in their 1 pregnancy start to show really good around 6 months.....some folks, there belly will start to show sooner than that if its a second pregnancy.

When do you start to show when you're pregnant?

Sometimes you don't show until the sixth month. But four months is average.

If pregnant when will you start to show?

could be any where from 3-6 months... some women don't show at all

Is it possible to start to show if you are only 4 weeks pregnant?

No. Any such effect is psychosomatic.

If a bride is pregnant how soon can she get married before her pregnancy starts to show?

Usually, a pregnancy will start to show after the first 3 months!

Can you be pregnant and never show HGC levels in your blood?

No. You will have HCG levels in your system if you are pregnant. If you are very early on, it could show negative, you don't start producing HCG until the baby is implanted.

How long until hamsters start showing they are pregnant?

They start to show the baby bump a couple of days before giving birth.