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Pomegranates, like most fresh fruit, are not stamped with an expiration date. How long it will keep depends upon handling and storage conditions. Apparently, under controlled storage, pomegranates can keep for up to 5 months. See Related Links.


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Pomegranate rind is the skin which sticks to thePomegranate while pealing it. The inner skin part ofPomegranate.

Pomegranate leaves come from a pomegranate plant. Pomegranate is a common fruit plant of the tropical and subtropical regions.

No. Deeds do not expire.No. Deeds do not expire.No. Deeds do not expire.No. Deeds do not expire.

The pomegranate is a native of Asia.

Pomegranate is a fruit, not a grain.

Yes, you can eat a pomegranate seed.

Pomegranate is "grenade" (fem.) in French.

There are no calories in a pomegranate.

713 pits in a pomegranate

The pomegranate has pinnate venation.

pomegranate: दन्तबीज dantabiija; कुचफल kucaphala; वृत्तफल vRttaphalapomegranate = dADimI(phalam)

It consists of pomegranate concentrate. Generally the product consists of both of these.

A pomegranate typically has more seeds than a papaya

Yes, anything with an expire can and will expire.

Pomegranate came from Iran.Strange huh?

Pomegranate is Armenia's national fruit. It originates from there.

One pomegranate has 53g of carbs.

Peter Pomegranate was created in 1510.

It must be different from pomegranate to pomegranate but at least it is reported in a scientific article that it is 3.2.Here is the article, it is about the thermal stability of pomegranate juice:

The girls name in "The Night of the Pomegranate"is Harriet.

Pomegranate leaf is simple leaf.

Eat the pomegranate seeds, not the flower.

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