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When does a seal eat?


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Yes a seal does eat fish.

it depends on the seal but some eat krill. The leopard seal dose not eat krill and eats fish and other seals

The harbor seal will eat most fish, they love to eat salmon

Seal eat Squid, fish, penguins, and some eat other seals.

Yes, people do eat seal but only in foren countries

How much fish can a seal eat in one day? We are still working on "how much fish can seal eat in one day?"

a Weddell seal can eat fish, Krill and other small marine mammals

Seal cubs (pups) eat fish. I'm not sure what type of fish but I know they eat mainly fish.

no seals eat octopuses

one type of seal might be able to eat a human it is called the lepord seal.

It depends if the seal is alive or not. If the seal is already dead then the arctic fox may eat part of it but if the seal is alive then the arctic fox is too small to kill the seal

seal clubbers are just people who join seal clubs where they listen to Seal and eat club sandwiches

Lo;;er Whales can kill a seal. They can do this with ease. All they have to do is to splash the seal of the ice into ocean then eat it or just swim to it and eat it.

Seal Pups are very funny, they eat like they are funny. They like to eat fish and cheesecake! and they like soup!

no they eat mostly fish

no only the leopard seal eats a penguin

They eat penguins,fish and Krill.

A leopard seal will eat a fairy penguin.

the eat crocs, fishes, catfish, pirranahs.

Weddell seal eat fish, krill, squid, bottom-feeding prawns, cephalopods, crustaceans and sometimes penguins

no of course it doesn't

A Carribian Monk seal eats fish, lobster, eels, and octupus

a seal eats its food by chewing and swallowing like regular people

Killer whales, or orcas, eat both.

they eat seal meat if they don't have enough food

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