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When does csi Miami season 8 come out?

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yes there is going to be a season 8 of csi Miami and it airs September 21 2009 (USA)

The Eighth Season of CSI: Miami will premiere September 21, 2009.

csi Miami season 8 is being aired on the 13th July

Yes, CSI Miami will be back on Sep. 21 for season 8.

He joined in season 1 and left in season 8

season 8 starts on September 21 2009

he guest stared in season 8 but will in season as a regular character

yes they started dating in season 8

For the U.S. it was October 12, 2010

In season 8 Eric got shot and he left the show but came back as a help for the defense

it starts on September 21 (or maybe 22) 2009

According to wikipedia the UK start date is June 2010 - Sky TV reminder system says June 2010 but the last Tuesday in June (CSI MIAMI DAY) is episode 24 of 25 of season 7. I would therefore say look for a mid July-ish start date! Csi Miami season 8 Begins 13th July in England

Season 8 is currently on televison. Season 1-7 are available for purchase. there are now ten seasons all together.

CSI Miami - 2002 Nailed 4-8 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

this is what says: C.S.I.: Miami - The Eighth Season Starring David Caruso, Adam Rodriguez, and Jonathan Togo (DVD - 2010) Buy new: $62.99 $56.49 Available for Pre-order. This item will be released on October 12, 2010.

It has just finished in the UK, Grisome leaves and Laurence Fisherbourne (of the matrix) takes over.

CSI Miami - 2002 Darkroom 5-8 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12 USA:TV-14

CSI Miami - 2002 Permanent Vacation 6-8 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

CSI Miami - 2002 Big Brother 2-8 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14

CSI Miami - 2002 L-A- 8-16 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12

CSI Miami - 2002 Meltdown 8-21 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-14 (DL)

As of August 2014, CSI season 8 is available to purchase. The series can be purchased as a DVD or Blu Ray.

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