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When does csi series 8 start in the UK?

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Episode 1 of series 8 is being aired on Tuesday 8th January at 21:00 (on Five).

Series 8 of CSI Miami should start airing after all episodes of series 7 have been aired. The United Kingdom is a series behind the US, and filming of the new series is starting pretty soon. Sorry for my vague answer but it's the best I can give you for now.

When will csi 8 begin in the UKYou will have for wait for next year to catch series 8 of csi in the UK. As it is still to show in America in .September Csi season 8 starts on channel 5 on January the 8th 2008 at 9pm

It has just finished in the UK, Grisome leaves and Laurence Fisherbourne (of the matrix) takes over.

Friday 22nd October 9pm on FX

Friday 22nd October 9pm on FX

According to wikipedia the UK start date is June 2010 - Sky TV reminder system says June 2010 but the last Tuesday in June (CSI MIAMI DAY) is episode 24 of 25 of season 7. I would therefore say look for a mid July-ish start date! Csi Miami season 8 Begins 13th July in England

Well, he hasn't so far and here in the UK we are on series 8, so if this does happen do not want to know !1

As of August 2014, CSI season 8 is available to purchase. The series can be purchased as a DVD or Blu Ray.

Friday 7th November (2008) at 9pm.

Not yet; but series 7 is now showing on Tuesday nights at 10pm on Comedy Central (126 if you have SKY) I think a lot of series 7 has already been shown on E4 but, no series 8 hasn't started in the UK yet Yes series 8 is in the UK all the episodes have been aired on E4 and the DVD in the UK will be released on the 19th July 2010.

They haven't said when Season 8 of NCIS is going to start in the UK because it has just started showing in America (Septemeber 21st 2010), my guess would be next year around spring but it's just a guess.

Yes, it has 30 episodes in series 7 and series 8 will start on the 18th of September.(:

it starts on September 21 (or maybe 22) 2009

season 8 starts on September 21 2009

E4 have the rights to season 8 of scrubs but they have not announced when they plan to show it

The most recent episode of CSI was titled "Lying Down with Dogs". It is from season 8. It originally aired December 13th, 2007 and was episode number 175 in the series.

The Complete Series 5 was released in the UK on 8 Nov 2010. The Complete Series 6 was released in the UK on 21 Nov 2011.

it doesn't. series cancelled.

Unfortunately (Because CBS is crazy) CSI NY has yet to be renewed for the next season. That means that If it isn't renewed soon, there might not be a season 8! I know, Isn't the thought just horrible?

CSI Crime Scene Investigation - 2000 CSI on Fire 13-8 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12 USA:TV-14

e4 have not announced any dates yet

Season 8 is set to air in the US on 21 September 2010 andwill air in the UK in January 2011. cant wait :)

Season 8 has not started anywhere yet, but it is in the making.

4:00 am uk time. 8:00 pm pacific 11:00 eastern uk time less 8 hours.

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