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When there is no concentration gradient. The concentration of substances is equal inside and outside... it's called dynamic equilibrium.

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Q: When does diffusion stop?
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When does diffusion thus osmosis stop?

at equilibruim

When does diffusion and thus osmosis stop?


What is a real life example of facilitated diffusion?

stop sign/ stop light

What does diffusion and thus osmosis stop?

Answerwhen the system is at balance.

How is a stop light an example of facilitated diffusion?

the cell

when does the net movement of osmosis and diffusion stop?

They stop when there is equal amounts of solutes in the solvent.

When do molecules stop moving during diffusion?

when they reach an equalibrium

Does diffusion ever stop?

Yes. When dynamic equilibrium is reached.

What is the point called when diffusion of materials stop?

Sweeper Gady

How can cells stop diffusion through protein channels?

by closing gates

Would you expect osmosis and diffusion to the stop when substances are evenly distributed?

osmosis and diffusion would not stop because molecules need to be constantly moving in order to maintain equilibrium or in this case, evenly distributed.

Which 3 processes stop if stomata is closed?

Diffusion, Respiration & Photosynthesis. These 3 processes will stop if stomata is closed.

When do the particles stop moving across the membrane in diffusion?

Particles in a given medium stop moving across the membrane during diffusion when a state of equilibrium is reached, that is when the number of particles on either side of the membrane equalizes.

What are the types of cultural diffusion?

contagious diffusion, relocation diffusion, expansion diffusion, stimulus diffusion, hierarchical diffusion.

Do molecules stop moving when diffusion stops?

No as long as the temperature is above absolute zero they do not stop. It simply means it reached equilibrium but the molecules are stillin motion.

Does diffusion have an active process in which molecules move from a region of lower concentration to one of higher concentration?

During diffusion water moves from a high concentration to a low concentration, when it balances out it tends to stop.

How different is osmosis from diffusion?

Omosis is the diffusion of water and diffusion is the diffusion of any substances.

Diffusion of AIDS is an example of which type of diffusion?

Relocation Diffusion

Difference between simple diffusion facilitated diffusion and osmosis?

the difference about the osmosis, facilitated diffusion, and the diffusion is that the Osmosis is the diffusion of water across a membrane. facilitate

What is the difference between diffusion and facilitated diffusion?

The difference between diffusion and facilitated diffusion is that facilitated diffusion is that the molecules pass through special protein channels.

What is the process of spreading new ideas called?

Diffusion is the process of spreading new ideas from culture to culture. Examples of diffusion include the use of cars and the smelting of iron. There are five main types of diffusion they are: Expansion diffusion, Relocation diffusion, Hierarchal diffusion, Congious diffusion and Stimulus diffusion.

Driven by molecular energy?

Diffusion, simple Diffusion, osmosis Facilitated Diffusion

What are metaphors for 'diffusion'?

and example of a metaphor for diffusion would be a general store.

Is diffusion a passive transport?


What is diffusion research?

Diffusion of water is osmosis; diffusion of other materials is just called diffusion. However, they are both diffusion, or when something spreads from high concentration of the substance to low concentration.