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When does kiba appear in naruto Shippuden?


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Kiba Inuzuka returns in Naruto Shippuden in episode 33. Also Akamaru, Hinata, and Shino return. The episode is called The New Target.

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He is 169.1 cm in Naruto Shippuden.

Hinata has not kissed Kiba in Naruto Shippuden at all. And I dont think she ever will.

kiba doesn't die in naruto and i can prove it. but he might die later in shippuden or die after the entire naruto story ends.

she doesn't because she likes naruto but kiba likes hinata

Kiba is the same age as naruto, so he would be 13. then in shippuden, he 15.

No one loves kiba but they do think of him as a good friend. There has been some evidence of Kiba having feelings for Hinata.

Sakon and Ukon die on naruto, not shippuden. They are weakened by their battle with Kiba and are finished off by Kankuro's puppets. (I miss them...D:)

She appears in naruto shippuden episode 33

okay, watch naruto shippuden 87 and wait to the end. this is after end ;)

No, he has not died yet and most likely never will.

11-12 in the original naruto and 15-16 in shippuden

Yes, some of the "beast" style jitsus that Kiba uses make him stronger.

that's an opinion bases question... what do you think?

Naruto simple movies 1,2,3 and in shippuden the same 1,2,3

After naruto kissed sasuke :P

No he does not, Naruto takes out Kiba.

Definatly naruto i hope ur a girl other words ur gay

Yes Kiba is shown shirtless in a "omake" after the credits in episode 98 "The Target Appears" in the Shippuden series. He, along with Naruto and Sai, are going to get a medical exam.

Actually, Kiba doesn't like Hinata. Just as a friend, at least. Kiba likes her just as a friend. He just cares about Akamaru, that's all. Here's the list for the couples in Naruto that the creator perfer: Hinata and Naruto. Shikamaru and Temari Sakura and Sasuke Neji and Tenten I accept the couples in Naruto. ^-^

First AppearsIn Naruto Episode 16 in a jutsu

Answer:They make it appear that Sakura likes Naruto, which, she does.

I dont really know who he goes with but I think he look goods with(not hinata) that girl with the redish-brown hair.

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