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Mechanical weathering occurs when rocks are broken down and there is no change in the nature of the rocks. Physical force causes the rocks to break, not chemical breakdown.

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Mechanical weathering may occur by means of what?

Mechanical weathering may occur by means of temperature changes. Mechanical weathering goes through a variety of different erosion processes.

In what type of weathering does salt wedging occur?

mechanical weathering

What climate does mechanical weathering occur more rapidly?

Mechanical weathering is faster in a cool climate.

What type of weathering does not happen in the desert?

Mechanical and chemical weathering both occur.

What can occur mechanically or chemically?

Weathering can be mechanical or chemical.

How can mechanical weathering occur?

Freezing and thawing cycles.

Does mechanical weathering occur when it is wet and dry?


When does weathering occur most?

Chemical weathering in the warm, wet season and mechanical weathering in the cool, dry season.

Where is mechanical weathering most likely to occur?

it is found in a desert

What Climate does mechanical weathering mostly occur in?

cold weather

How does chemical weathering make it easy for mechanical weathering to occur?

because the rat ate the rat and ate itself

Does chemical weathering occur faster than mechanical weathering?

Chemical because it does not stop while breaking rock

How the mechanical weathering is related to the weathering?

mechanical weathering applys weather

What are the two kinds of weathering?

The 2 kinds of weathering are the Mechanical or Physical Weathering and the Mechanical Weathering.

Is abrasion chemical or mechanical weathering?

It is mechanical weathering

Are speleothems mechanical or chemical weathering?

it is mechanical weathering

What type of climate causes mechanical weathering to occur at a greater rate?

hot and humid

Compare mechanical and chemical weathering?

Chemical weathering has acid rain while mechanical weathering doesn't. Chemical weathering is also called physical weathering. The U.S.A. has mechanical weathering.

How are mechanical weathering and chemical weathering related?

mechanical weathering and chemical weathering are related because their both are types of weathering

How do you use mechanical weathering in a sentence?

Mechanical weathering means erosion by physical means.Wind and water are examples of mechanical weathering.Mechanical weathering changes rock into sand.

Does a cold climate help mechanical weathering?

No. mechanical weathering is the breaking and separating of rock or other materials. In order for mechanical weathering to occur you need water or some kind of mass movement. the only erosional agent which works with mechanical weathering are creep and solifluction, but mechanical weathering itself cannot happen because if it is too cold the frost wedging cannot happen becasue the water would freeze in contact and would not expand

Chemical and mechanical weathering?

can you tell me about chemical and mechanical weathering

Is gravity a part of chemical or mechanical weathering?

mechanical weathering

Is Abrasion Mechanical or chemical weathering?

Abrasion is Mechanical Weathering.

Is a delta a mechanical or chemical weathering?

It is Phisical (mechanical) Weathering.

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