When does orochimaru die?

Sasuke killed him when he tried to get Sasuke's body

sasukelover21- this answer is partly true. orochimaru does die. but he doesn't die in the first place. it is a long story. first of all, sasuke absorbed oroachimaru. many people say that he died. but he did not! sasuke absorbed him. during the battle with itachi, sasuke had such low energy that orochimaru escaped. snakes come out of sasuke's back. itachi is in some sort of shield, it is red and has a sword and a shield. it cuts off all of it's heads except one. the remaining head of the snake opens it's mouth and orochimaru comes out of it. he says that thanks to you, sasuke is weak and i can now take over his body. that makes itachi mad, so he seals orochimaru away. but he isn't dead. itachi has this thing called black fire. this is hen itachi opens one eyes, and it bleeds. this happens for the mangekyo sharingan. this creates black fire. black fire cannot be put out until what it's burning it completely destroyed. black fire can burn water, and put out other fire. at the end of the battle, oroahcimaru turns into a small snake. but as he does, some of the black fire catches onto the snake, and burns it completely. this is when oroachiamru dies for real. i have seen the epsidoe so this is completely true.