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Well... depending on how you mean noticable there are a few answers to this question. If you mean noticable as in having symptoms and beginning to wonder if you are pregnant.. ON AVERAGE symptoms begin between 4 and 8 weeks. Most noticable would be morning sickness of course but not all women get morning sickness and some don't even have symptoms. If you mean noticable as in "showing" I would say for a small or average sized women 4+ months is noticable and usually requires maternity clothes. For a larger woman it just depends when other people will notice it. I am a bigger gal and although I noticed stuff around 3 and 4 months like my jeans getting uncomfortable... other people probably thought I was just getting fat.. I would say by 6 months it is unmistakable though. Unfortunatley, symptoms of pregnancy can be mistaken for flu symptoms, cold symptoms, premenstrual symptoms, and stress symptoms or vice versa. The problems of relying on symptoms to "know" or even hope is that they can often be confused with some of the other things I just listed... there is only one way to be sure... buy a test as soon as you can. If you can't wait that long go to your Dr. and have blood test. But I warn these can become expensive. (Mine was $90) and that is a lot of money for it to be 50/50. While the $90 is totally worth getting an early positive to me I also think it is too much money to get a negative test back.... good luck... Pam AKA greenidparalegal

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Q: When does pregnancy begin to be noticeable whats the difference between stress and pregnancy symptoms?
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There is no sure way to tell except to wait for your period and if it does not come take a pregnancy test. PMS and early pregnancy signs are very similar, so you will have to wait until you are due. Good luck.

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