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When does sats take place?

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The sat exams for high school students have different dates. They are usually administered in March, May, and there is usually one offered in June as well.

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Do you need to take the SATs?

Most schools require the acts over the SATs

What can you do with a 1560 on the SATs?

take it again

At what age do you take sats?

You usually take 2 sets of SATs in your life: one in Year two when you are 6 or 7, and one in Year 6 when you are 10 or 11. Some schools do 'practise' SATs inbetween, and schools used to do SATs in Year Nine as well

How do you cheat at sats?

== == dont cheat in the first place

When can you take the SATs?

anytime you want to it's your planning on it!

Did Katy Perry do well on her SATs?

Katy Perry took the GED for high school and then dropped out of school, so she never had a chance to take her SATs.

What exams did Aston Merrygold take?

Since pe drama sats

How Many points are the SATs out of in the state of New York?

There are currently three categories of 800 points each. Therefore, 2400 points. That's in every place that uses SATs.

Are 2010 sats cancelled for year 6?

No, sats are NOT canceled, so far the Science sats are though.

When are year 6 sats in 2009?

== == === === I'm a year 6 pupil. The SATs take place at the 11th-15th of May. My name is Rosie and I really hope that I do well. I have SATs homework to do and I have done all of it. When you arrive in Year 6-What is the Mass of an apple?-150 grams I have done it all. Thanks And I hope that you do well. im in yr 6 it is are last test today gess what it is.........MATHS arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Who invented sats?

reberto francesco invented sats

Are SATS any use?

Well, it's quite suprising that 70% of teachers are very against SATS, and so are many of pupils that take them. The Gouverment's excuse is that it is to level you as a pupil, and to take that information up with them to Secondary school.

When was Konstantin Sats born?

Konstantin Sats was born in 1982.

When did Natalya Sats die?

Natalya Sats died in 1993.

When was Natalya Sats born?

Natalya Sats was born in 1903.

Does when you take the SATS make any difference?

It shouldn't matter when you take the SATs. The best thing may be to take it in your sophomore year as a practice run, and then again in your junior or senior year. The pSATs aren't really a good practice test for them. if you take it to early colleges probably won't accept you

Do you have to take the SATS for the navy?

Yes. the navy and army both inquire the SAT in order to get in

Why are SATs different from other test papers?

The SATs are nationally normed.

What is the best calculator to have for taking the SATs?

A graphing calculator is great for taking the SATs

Do I still have to take the SATs if I get a GED?

If you're going to a college that wants SAT scores, then yes.

Why should you not ban sats?

Because sats are important. They prepare you for secondary school. (if you are talking about primary school sats even though i don't think they are important)

What has the author Nataliya Sats written?

Nataliya Sats has written: 'Novelly moei zhizni'

What did Miley Cyrus get on her sats?

she did not take them she is super famous and does not attend school so she did not get any grade on her Sat's

How Can you get answer on your sats?

you dont...

Can you revise 2010 sats papers and where do you 2010 sats papers?

Go on emaths or