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When does the Hannah Montana episode achy jakey heart premiere in Ireland on Disney channel?

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They will have previews.

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Where can you watch a Hannah Montana episode?

They replay it on the Disney Channel.

Where is Hannah Montana and why is she not in disney channel any more?

Hannah Montana is not on Disney channel anymore because they had their last episode and are not doing it anymore

When will Austin and ally season 1 episode 9 premiere on family channel?

It will premiere on Friday.March,9/2012 at 6:30 pm on family channel.

Where can you watch the new Hannah Montana episode?

Your TV, preferably Disney Channel.

What year did the first episode of Hannah Montana show on Disney Channel?


Is Hannah Montana a character on the Disney channel the Family channel or neither?

Hannah Montana is a character who is part of of the Disney Channel. It is an American television series, which aired in 2005. Its last episode was aired January 16, 2011.

Is Hannah Montana still on Disney Channel?

No, the last episode aired on January 16, 2011.

What date will the next Hannah Montana episode premiere?

=In Ontario Canada, the show goes on everyday at 5:30.=

When did people first see Hannah Montana?

It was in 2006 the Show Hannah Montana first been on Disney Channel. They gonna make more episodes in 2008 in one episode Jesse McCartney is co-starring. It was in 2006 the Show Hannah Montana first been on Disney Channel. They gonna make more episodes in 2008 in one episode Jesse McCartney is co-starring.

How long was hannah montana on the air?

Hannah Montana was on for four seasons on the Disney Channel. The last season production ended in 2010 and the last episode went on air in January 2011.

When does the last Hannah Montana end?

Do u mean the last Season? Well if u are the last episode is This Sunday. On Disney Channel...

Are The Simpsons coming to Ireland?

Within the context of the show, Yes, they went in the episode In the Name of the Grandfather that aired March 09th 2009.If you mean will it air in Ireland, it is my understanding (as of May 2014) it airs on Sky1 which is available on Sky on Channel 106, UPC Ireland on Channel 114 & Magnet Networks.

What happens in the Liv and Maddie episode that is titled Premiere a Rooney?

In the series, Live and Maddie, in the episode "Premiere a Rooney" Live has her premiere of Space Werewolves.

What episode was Gwen Stefani on at Hannah Montana?

i dont think she has played on a Hannah Montana episode

Is the is Disney channel show Hannah Montana going off the air?

yes, the last episode includes miley deciding to go back to Tennessee and leave behind her alter ego Hannah Montana

When is last episode of Hannah Montana?

The last episode of Hannah Montana premiered on January 16, 2011.

Is there going to be another Hannah Montana episode?

no she is never doing a Hannah Montana episode ever again

How old is miley Cyrus on the 1st Hannah Montana episode?

She was 13 in the first episode of Hannah Montana.

When does the Hannah Montana Forever episode Wherever i Go air?

It premieres on Sunday Jan. 17 2011 at 7:00 pm on Disney channel.

What episode or story from Miley life best characterizes her?

the Disney channel show Hannah Montana where she and her best friend lily hug each other

The Hannah Montana new show Miley Cyrus says goodbye?

What?!? Is it over, yes the miley says goodby was the last episode. Hannah Montana will still play on Disney Channel, but no new shows are coming out.

What is the last episode of Hannah Montana forever?

Hannah Montana forever least episode was kiss it good bye

On Hannah Montana episode You wish you were a star old or new?

the Hannah Montana episode wish upon a star is old.

What is the name of the last Hannah Montana episode?

Hannah Montana Forever

Will their be a Roxy hunter 5?

No Roxy Hunter movies have sadly ended and so has Hannah Montana it's over her last DVD comes out on March 9, 2010 and includes the final episode of Hannah Montana before it airs on Disney Channel and on Family Channel(Disney Channel but in Canada they call it Family Channel we also have Nickelodeon!) ^^Hannah Montana is not over. The fourth season began in early July 2010 and is currently airing on Disney Channel and Family Channel. The fourth and final season will end in 2011. (family channel is not the same thing as Disney channel. family channel produces many of their own series/shows and films. they also air Disney channel shows but the format is very different from Disney channel.)