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When we call non static method with respect to class object then this pointer is created which keep the reference of that object.

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Q: When does this pointer get created?
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What is pointer?

pointer r the variables created in RAM which store the address of a another variable

What is far pointer in c language?

its pointer created for high safety that cant be find by anyone.

What is double pointer in c plus plus?

A double pointer is a pointer which points to another pointer which points to an object.For example:Foobar** foobar = NULL;This means that somewhere in memory, the class foobar has been created. The variable 'foobar' now points to a pointer to that memory. However, in this example, the pointer is created as 0.

What does pointer to pointer finger mean?

Pointer is simply a variable that stores the memory address of another variable. Pointer to pointer means double pointer ,pointer that points to another pointer variable.

What is dangling pointer?

dangling pointer is a pointer

What are different type of pointers?

Pointer is a variable that is used to store the memory address of another variable. There are differenr types of pointers: NULL pointer THIS pointer VOID pointer NEAR pointer HUGE pointer FAR pointer WILD pointer

C program pointers to pointers examples?

Pointer to Pointer is a double pointer, denoted by (**). Pointer stores the address of the variable and pointer to pointer stores the address of a pointer variable and syntax can be given as int **ptr2ptr;

Why you use double pointer instead of pointer?

Double pointers are better known as pointer-to-pointer types. You use pointers to store the memory address of an object but when the object is itself a pointer, you need to use a pointer-to-pointer in instead. Pointer-to-pointer types are typically used when passing pointers into functions. Pointers allow you to pass objects to functions by reference but the pointer itself is passed by value. If you want to pass the pointer by reference, you need to pass a pointer-to-pointer.

Difference between pointer to constant and constant pointer?

1. pointer to a constant means you can not change what the pointer points to 2. constant pointer means you can not change the pointer.

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Pointer in c?

A Pointer is a Variable that holds a memory address, usually the location of another variable in memory. A pointer to pointer is known as double pointer.

What are pointer to pointer?

A pointer only holds an address information (location) in the memory. if a pointer holds points another pointer then it is a pointer to an other pointer. Pointer holds an address in the memory so in that address there is an other location information that shows another location.

What is pointer of pointer?

pointer is the variable that holds the address of another variable

Define pointer to pointer in c?

Double (**) is used to denote the double pointer. As we know the pointer stores the address of variable, Double pointer stores the address of any pointer variable. Declaration : int **ptr2Ptr;

What is void pointer and what are its uses?

Void pointer can hold the address of any kind of pointer. But we can't operate on void pointer

What is pointer and pointer types and uses of pointer and the meaning of pointer?

As the name suggests Pointer is used to point towards something ,here in this case it points to another variable and stored at a memory location. Pointer is a variable that stores address of another variable. Different Types of pointers are: 1)Dangling Pointers 2)NULL Pointers 3)This Pointer 4)Generic Pointer 5)Near Pointer 6)Far Pointer