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When dogs go to a kennel do they miss their owners?


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Most dogs will be glad to return home to their owners. They will also do well at a kennel where they are entertained and exercised regularly.

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A dog kennel is a place where you can take your dog when you go on vacation or something. A dog shelter is where they house homeless dogs or dogs that were taken from their owners.

go to shoping then go to the kennel

If you go on the Canadian kennel club website there is all the different groups of dogs and breed standards.

Dogs may be a little frightened when they are first put in a kennel, they do not understand what is happening but they live in the now or moment and will "go with the flow" and will be fine after an hour or even few minutes.

It is possible for a dog to go a long time with kennel cough. This disease doesn't usually kill dogs, and eventually it can go away on its own. The problem with kennel cough is that it makes your dog more susceptible to other illnesses, such as pneumonia, which could kill him, so you should contact the veterinarian to get your dog treated. Also, your other dogs and your neighbor's dogs could catch kennel cough from the one that is sick.

dogs usually play with there owners or go for a walk

dogs go to shelters if they are stray, have something wrong with them, or their owners send them there.

Some dogs are very protective of their owners and attached to them. This is why some dogs feel they need to follow their owners everywhere they go even to bed.

cause you dont have the money if you want to where you buy the dogs go on kennel click buy

Go to "Go out", click on "The Kennel", and then choose a dog from the list. You won't be allowed to buy a new dog if your "dog hotel" is full.

A boarding dog is a dog that has been put up in a boarding house which is something like a kennel. Usually owners leave their dogs in boarding houses or kennels when they have to go on vacation and cannot take their pet.

They do allow dogs but only the dogs that help the people who cannot manage on their own. Before you leave to go to Disney drop your dog off at the kennel or a family members house. But remember to make sure they can watch them and call the kennel to see if they can take them.

Most dogs will remember their owners. Especially if the dog you own lives with you and gets to be around you a lot. Like lets say if you go on vacation and you have to leave your dog in a kennel, your dog is not going to forget you. When you come to pick him/her up then the should still remember you. If they don't then maybe you should have your vet take a look at him for some sort of memory loss thing.

There comes a time in life when........... dogs go in the big kennel in the sky. Help any?

go to the kennel and buy a dog that says its a young dog. anyway, the dogs are always pups.

Guard dogs are different from attack dogs because guard dogs will bark loudly to alert their owners of an intruder's presence and to scare away the intruder. Attack dogs will also bark loudly to alert their owners, but will go in for the attack.

Kennel is a place where you can bring your pet when you go to vacation.

A dogs shelter can be two things If it is an outside shelter for a dog it is known as a kennel, If it is a place where abandoned dogs go it is know as a dog shelter, I recommend dogs trust or RSPCA Happy to help woof woof!!! he he

Dogs originally howl to call any members of there pack. So when there owners leave they howl to call them back because it is a way of communicating in the dog world.

Every dog is different, but in my experience as a boarding facility owner we aim for a max of 2 weeks give or take. Some can go months...never tried it. Dogs can be boarded for months is just depends on the dogs. A kennel owner has to be able to tell when a dog is beginning to lose is. Some never do. My kennel has monthly rates for dog boarding.

You better start searching for her. A dog in heat is easy prey for packs of wild dogs.

its called crate training and it means to let your dog outside before you put it in its kennel, that way it wont "go" in its bed then when you take it out of its kennel in the morning let it go outside again, do the same thing when you go out of the house; this works because dogs dont like to have to sleep in their own crap, and it is in too small of a space to not lay down in it, so they wont go in their kennel as long as they have a chance to go before and after it is in there. if it does go, it will learn its lesson and will go outside next time.

I would suggest buying a smaller kennel. If a dog does not have room to go to the bathroom in one part of the kennel and lay in the other, they will most likely no go to the bathroom in the kennel. This is because the dog does not want to lay in its own feces.

NO!!! I believe they are IF they are training to be seeing eye dogs or already are seeing eye dogs. Then I believe they are allowed in. If you do want to take your dog on vacation with you, though, I think they have a kennel in Walt Disney World where your pets can stay.

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