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the car who bumped into you


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In Kentucky, the vehicle on the main roadway has the right-of-way, regardless of direction. The person exiting the parking lot, must yield to traffic!

Both partys are at fault and each party will need to file there vehicle under there own insurance. Parking lot accidents are always share fault unless one of the vehicle was parked, but since both vehicles were backing out at the same time, both partys are at fault unless you get a kind person to admit it was there fault.

If he was driving forward past his intended parking space to take yours, then he is at fault. Cutting across is not permitted in parking lots although many people do it anyway.

This depends on the state you are in and most times whether it is a private parking lot or not. florida is a no fault state so it you back out and hit someone or if someone hits you while backing out then you are both equally at fault and both insurances have to cover. most cops here dont even ask because in a private parking lot it doesnt matter both insurances cover anyways.

If you were backing out of a space and you stopped and the forklift had a REASONABLE amount of time to see your vehicle (about 3 seconds or so), then the forklift operator would be at fault.

To directly answer your question, I would say that the vehicle leaving a parking spot - in a parking lot - DOES NOT have the right of way. Any vehicle leaving a parking spot to a public road would also NOT have the right of way. This answer is given under the authority of COMMON SENSE.

The person turning right is at fault - although sometimes parking lot accidents are automatically deemed a 50/50 fault. Witnesses are useful as well as surveillance to prove your case.

More than likely, both parties. If there is enough damage to make a claim then it would be up to the insurance companies to make a decision. The claims would more than likely cancel each other out. If the other car is not moving and you are moving, there is no question that it will be ruled to be your fault.

Need more information, where is your damage exactly, where is the other partys damage/impact. If you had control of the lane, then the other party will likely carry the majority of fault. If you could give me more details I could be of greater assistance to you.

You are at fault. You are backing out of a space and you must yield the right of way to the other vehicles traveling in the aisle.

(in the UK and U.S.) The driver turning left has the right of way over anyone exiting parking lot. Those going straight on the road have the right of way over the driver turning left into parking lot. This is unless a traffic signal indicates otherwise.

The default answer is the car that is moving is at fault unless the moving car has the right of way. However parking lots are messy and there will be no police reports unless the damage is over a certain amount ($2500 I think). The best thing to do is handle it without insurance companies.

Generally, who ever is in reverse should yield the right of way. But if I was the claims adjuster for the insurance company with what you say (trying to sneak behind you) I would find him partially at fault. Although if he didn't see you were backing or you had no turn signal on, you would be the one at fault.

It would be your fault, because you don't have the right to pull out right away. The car on the street does have the right to keep going though. You are supposed to wait until there is a gap in traffic .

hard to say without seeing it. technically they have the right of way in the lane and you are responsible for backing out safely. if they just spun through the lot and turned into the space after you had started out, then you have a case. did your bumper hit the side of their car? they were likely 1st then.

Generally speaking, you can not pull out of a parking lot into on coming traffic. The on coming traffic most always will have the right away, regardless of your blinker!

depends on whether or not the car is parked well. if the car is parked properly, in the right spot then it should be the car that hit it that is at fault.

It's debatable. There is probably some blame on both parties. There are laws regarding opening your door and/or leaving your door open in the flow of traffic. However, it would be easy to dispute that since a parking space would probably not be considered in the flow of traffic. It would probably depend on what each driver saw and what they did to avoid the accident. There is no definitive answer and no matter what anybody tells you, the accident is not clearly one person's fault.

While there is no right way to parallel park, there are several unwritten rules to parallel parking that everyone should know. Rule#1 Never upset another parallel parker, especially if they park in front or behind you. Some things that upset other drivers are (a) not leaving them enough space to manuever out of a parking space (b) parking your vehicle with your front bumper mashed into their rear bumper. Rule#2 To keep your bumpers safe when parking, never park in a tight space and always give other cars enough space to exit a parking spot. A driver that's locked into a parking spot is like a caged animal...they will bump your car as many times as needed.

Both of you are probably at fault. If you see another person backing you should stop and signal the other driver if possible. Otherwise stop and wait until that driver completes his backing maneuver.Added: It is the obligation of the backing driver to ascertain that his movement does not interfere with any other vehicles. In this instance, you both apparently failed to do so.

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