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This could just be a digestive problem, possibly reflux? There could even be something in the energy drink that disagrees with your system. If it continues you should see a doctor just to be sure!

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What could be causing my leg numbness?

If you are experiencing leg numbness for a prolonged period of time you should speak to your doctor. You could be having issues with your nerves and the doctor should be notified of this.

Swelling coming through stiches after circumcision?

If you are experiencing complications following circumcision, you should contact your doctor.

Is a fever and pains on both sides of the stomach a sign of pregnancy?

No. But if you are experiencing them you should probably see a doctor.

What type of doctor should I contact if I am experiencing black mold symptoms?

You can see a doctor that is a general practitioner. Just inform the doctor that you have been exposed to black mold and advise them of your symptoms..

Will there be anal bleeding if the heat in the body is more?

A fever should not cause anal bleeding. If you are experiencing anal bleeding you should contact your doctor.

You are 5 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing backache and 1 episode of bleeding what should you do?

go and see a doctor

The white part of your eyes turned yellow WHY?

This can be a sign of jaundice - if you are experiencing this you should probably consult your doctor to be safe.

What are the working conditions of a Doctor?

The working conditions of a doctor should be spotless. If not, it can give patients other illnesses. Hospitals can be shut down for not being properly clean.

What should I do for my knee pain I've been getting while working out?

If someone is experiencing knee pain while getting a workout in, he or she should be careful not to put too much pressure on the knee, apply heat or cold depending on the injury, consult a doctor, and do easier exercises such as swimming.

Why would you be having two periods in one month at age 42?

you could be experiencing menopause but you should go to your doctor for a physical

Is there shortness of breath when you are experiencing indigestion?

Usually not.Heart attacks can also feel like indigestion.If you are not sure you should see a doctor ASAP.

What can cause chest pain on the right side?

If you are experiencing chest pains you should consult a qualified medical practitioner (a doctor) as soon as possible.

Is Montresor's behavior is normal. Why or why not?

no because its just weird and strange so if your experiencing this, you should really call a doctor that can help you with this illness.

Pain in calf?

Experiencing pain in the calf, can be a sign of tendinitis, blood clots, calf muscle strain or rupture, and leg cramps. Because a blood clot can be serious, a person should see a doctor if experiencing this symptom.

What should I use to cure my spider bites?

If you are only experiencing minor itching, Benadryl or hydrocortisone should help. If there is swelling or discoloration, see a doctor immediately in case it was poisonous.

How is intermittent claudication diagnosed?

People experiencing symptoms of intermittent claudication should contact their doctor immediately. The doctor will review the patient's medical history and examine the person for signs of the condition. This examination includes.

Should I call my doctor I am experiencing pain in my chest and a little pain in my left arm in the muscle area sometimes a tingle in my fingers like when your hands falls asleep should I be worried?

Yes - place two aspirin under your tongue and call your doctor.

Can migrane be permanent?

If you are experiencing constant, chronic, head pain that feels like a migrane, you should see your doctor for further testing and pharmacological therapy. This is not normal.

What if a women skips her period for 7 months but she is not pregnant?

there may be a very serious problem such as infertility. you should really talk to your doctor if you're experiencing that problem

What are the chances of someone experiencing a mental illness sometime in their lives ANSWER A.S.A.P?

Mental illnesses are mostly genetic. If there are no genetic markers then the chances of someone experiencing a mental illness sometime in their lives is not likely. If symptoms are present a doctor should be contacted immediately.

What is the important of diagnosing the curriculum?

This process is to check to see if the plan (curriculum) made to teach a subject is working as it should. A doctor will diagnose your heart by listening to it and seeing if it is working the way it should.

I am 37 weeks pregnant and have lower back pain and stiff neck with chills should I call my doctor?

Your one week past nine months, and experiencing a variety of symptoms of concern to you. Yes, you should contact your doctor. He will know about your situation, and can advise you as to what - if anything - needs to be done.

What are some of the symptoms of coronary artery disease and why?

Your most common thing to worry about would be chest pain. If you are experiencing it see a doctor soon. If you aren't being able to breathe normally during your exercise (which you should be doing) or other things then you should see a doctor too.

How do you know if the shot is working?

You should talk to your doctor if you are still feeling no different. Depends on what kind of shot it is.

How long after not getting your period should you wait to go to the doctor?

It's recommended that you see a doctor if you have gone longer than three months without experiencing your normal menstrual cycle. If you experience any other symptoms such as pain then it's important to see your doctor sooner.