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Ask them to explain what they want out of the product or service this will help set your complexity level of their understanding now listening is another thing.

Have at hand several different ways of explaining the same information: examples, metaphors, analogies, stories, charts, testimonials, quotes, drawings, diagrams, user demonstrations. Explain your complicated information using one method, then ask questions to check for understanding. If the client doesn't yet grasp the concept, try a second method. See

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What legislative requirements cover the information you convoy to clients?

All the information you convey to clients ahould have a legal coverage.

Are there computers that collect information from all the clients on a network?

Computers that collect information from all the clients on a network have configuration management software installed. An administrator of a computer network would also be able to collect all information from clients.

What sort of information systems would you need to develop for both the services and clients?

what sort of information would you need to develop for both services and clients

Where can people get information on vpn clients?

VPN clients support remote access and private data communications over public networks as a cheaper alternative to leased lines. VPN clients communicate with VPN servers utilizing a number of specialized protocols. You can find more information on VPN clients by going to

Which type of software stores client information in one central database?

A lot of applications store information about clients, but Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is specifically designed to allow organisations to store information about their clients.

How can server tell the difference between clients?

This depends on the architecture. This could be hardware or software dependent. On some servers, clients are routed to different physical lines of data transmission. On other servers, clients are routed to different ports. On other servers, the clients send identifying information about themselves. This identifying information may be sent when a session is created, in the information packets themselves, or in the data wrappers.

What legislative requirements cover the information you convey to customers?

what legislation require to convey information to clients

Benefits of a client-server computing?

Clients can be "thinner" and need only process a limited amount of information. They then can make that information available to the servers and through them to other clients if necessary. Every machine does not have to make it's own calculations for everything that happens. We make simulators with dozens or hundreds of computers networked and served by a few servers. The clients ask the servers for certain information and some information is pushed out to all clients as need be.

Why effective communication is important?

· Receiving and passing of information to colleagues at work, as well as to external contacts such as customer and clients. · Ability to read and understand written information received, identify key points and pass on to other people. · Contribute to discussion and provide written information that is accurate, clear and easy to read.

What are the Ethical issues in Marketing to hackers?

this is because we are not making agreement with our clients that is the reason understand fool

How does the Privacy Act impact upon an organization's ability to collect and disseminate client information?

The privacy act does not allow companies or organizations to give out certain information about its customers/clients. It also does not allow them to require certain information from its customers/clients.

As future ISSA professionals you must seek first to understand your clients before you make recommendations?


How does the freedom act protect clients in regards to confidentiality?

By protecting information rights

What is the importance of Information Technology in law practice?

wel to see all the accounts of the parties to store the information of the clients we need the IT

What Qualities do you need for a hairdresser?

You need to care for your clientsUnderstand the clients needsA smile goes a long wayTalking correctly to the clientBe organizedHave motivationPlenty of eye contactHave respect for clients and colleaguesYour self-image is important as it is a first impressionBe responsibleValue your clientsPut out to impressBe confidentMake effort and show enthusiasm

Answer How to configure an LTSP Server for Thin Clients?

see related links for more information.

Is it 'clients' have'...(as there are lots of clients) OR clients have...?

clients have

Can a banker talk about clients personal information outside of work?

No. It is illegal to share anyone's personal information without consent from said person.

What are the legal and ethical implications for collecting information from a client before personal training them?

. Outline the legal and ethical implications of collecting information about clients

What legislative requirements cover the information you convoy to clients when establishing and conducting business relationships?

All information you convey should have a legal coverage.

Whats the safest way to babysit?

Understand how to care for children. Babysit and get references so your potential clients know and trust your babysitting.

What common personal aptitude or personality traits associated with being a lawyer?

being able to understand the issue on both sides of the clients

How do you exchange the information between Clients?

I am not sure, but I hope googling on these would help : JSON & XML.

Where can one find more information about strategic investments?

Any person can find more information about strategic investments at their own bank. Banks usually follow their clients and give them advice on the right investments. Banks also develop strategies of investments for their clients.

Why is it important to keep client information?

it is irritating for clients to provide their phone number or address over and over again and wastes time. it is also important to help identify clients and verify their identity.