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This happened to me - you need to reset the door. Just disconnect the battery for 10 seconds, and then reconnect. (make sure you know your radio code first - you are going to have to re-enter it) If your Honda Odyssey is equipped with power sliding door. the driver side sliding door will not open because the gas tank is open and the sensor was activated. this is to prevent the door from hitting the hose while pumping gas.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-25 21:51:30
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Q: When fueling your son tried to open side door of Honda Odyssey and now door will not open remotely?
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i tried all procedures, and mine still won't go off!

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There is a known issue with Honda Odyssey ignition 1998-99. I think there is an open recall on them. I have a '98 and the ignition started shutting off while I was driving (which is worse than your problem, trust me) and the dealer replaced it for no charge. I would ask a local Honda dealer if the recall applies to your Odyssey. Jeff

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Hi, You need to check the brake fluid reservoir, it may only be about 5ml out, but that's what caused the same problem on our 97 Odyssey , i tried topping it up after mechanics couldn't fix the problem. Hasn't been a problem since:-)

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If you have already tried to enter a code many times, and it doesn't work, do the following: 1. Disconnect the battery, 2. Connect the battery, 3. Put Radio ON 4. Enter the radio code of 4 digits, 5. That's all. If you don't have the radio code of your Honda Odyssey, have on hand its VIN, and ask your former salesperson or your former dealer.

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