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Usually your lawyers help both of you to come to an amicable agreement of who gets what. Jewelry is usually left to the woman and no, he can't withhold money. If he gave you jewelry belonging to his mother or grandmother then it's wise just to give him those pieces of jewelry back even though they are legally yours only because they came down through his family. Marcy

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Q: When getting a divorce can your husband demand your jewelry before he pays you?
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Will I have to divorce my present husband since my ex didn't actually sign the divorce papers?

Yes you will haveto declare that youare staying with your man, te moment you say husband then you can be arrested for getting married twice , before getting a legal divorce. By law you are married to your first husband.

Can you remarry before getting divorce?


Do you have to have parental classes before getting a divorce?

No. You don't even have to be parents to get a divorce.

If you got married before your divorce was finalized are you legally married to the second husband?


What do you do if your spouse is a control and abusive husband?

You get a divorce and leave the house, before it is to late !

Does a married in NJ have to live apart before getting a divorce?

Yes they will have to stay a year apart. Before they file for a divorce.

How do you feel your husband divorce before and you get married to him?

Answer Can you please ask your question again as this quesiton makes no sense. I think that means how do u know if ur husband is gonna get a divorce, before u marry him u cant tell :]

How long before a foreign bride can divorce her husband and retain citizenship?

If you are already a citizen, your citizenship will be retained even if you get a divorce. If you are asking, "How long before a foreign bride can divorce her husband and obtain citizenship?", then the answer is not certain. It depends if you are currently a permanent resident or not. You can check more details at

Before getting a divorce, couples should attend marriage counseling to work on their problems.?

Before getting a divorce, couples should attend marriage counseling to work on their problems.

Is there a waiting period to remarry after getting a divorce in Arizona?

After your divorce ooogoes through , you will have to wait one full year before getting married.

Do you have to divorce my husband before putting house for sell?

Usually a house is part of the divorce since it was bought while there was a marriage. This means that both of you have an interest in the house. You will have to settle with your husband what will happen with the house.

What can you do if your husband commits adultery and gets the women pregnant before the divorce is final?

* Since you and your husband are getting a divorce and it's not quite finalized this should be of no concern of yours, although I am sure it is extremely hurtful to you. He is the one that will have to deal with the matter and the good thing is you can move on with your life free and clear, but he'll be stuck with other obligations. Just let things be and move on after your divorce.

What if your husband did not divorce his first wife before you married what do you have to do now?

If your husband is married to two wives, he is guilty of the crime of bigamy. You should tell him to get a divorce from his first wife immediately, otherwise you will have to complain to the police.

Do you have to get devoice for wife or husband before canceling insurance?

Do you mean 'divorce'?--legal end of the marriage?

Before getting married to my husband child support was ordered. we got married and now getting a divorce. will the old support order take place or will a new be established?

A new child support arrangement should be made part of the present divorce proceeding. Your legal circumstances have changed. The court should be made aware of any other court actions that have involved you and your husband.

Are you the legal survivor if your husband married you before his divorce was final and passed away 2 years later?

If you live in the US and your husband married you before his divorce was final, then your marriage is not legal. Go talk to an attorney and see what steps you can attempt to take to get it straightened out.

Can you leave your husband before you file for divorce?

according to my sister who is filing for a divorce your husband can sue for abandonment or use it against you later in court unless you have at least discussed this with ur attorney and he leads you in right direction

How soon can someone get a divorce?

The answer to this depends entirely on what state you are in. You do not have to be married for a certain amount of time before getting a divorce but many states have waiting periods of mandatory separations before a divorce is granted.

Does Angelina Jolie divorced?

Angelina Jolie had a divorce before she married Brad pitt her former husband

How do you tell your husband you want a divorce?

every situation is different, but make sure you ABSOLUTELY mean it before you do.

What is a procedure of getting quick divorce in Hindu marriage Act 1955 can a Hindu man who is separated from last 2.5 yrs can do remarriage with out getting divorce Please advice?

No. unless you have official divorce. i suppose after filing divorce you have to stay away for 1 year before divorce is granted.

Must you divorce your deceased spouse before getting married a second time?


Did camilla divorce her former husband before marrying Prince Charles?

Yes. She had to, or she could have been jailed for bigamy.

Can you sue your husband if he gets another woman pregnant before your divorce is final in north carolina?

No, you cannot sue him.

How long do you have to be separated in Texas before getting divorced?

You will have to wait for a full year in texas, before a final divorce.