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if he flirts with other girls he's probanly just rying to amke you jealous, or just to see how you react!! If he told you "I Love You" and flirts with other girls... he probably doesn't mean it!

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You never see him how do you know if he is cheating?

You can tell because he stop telling you he loves you. He flirts with other girls. He stops looking at you and he looks at other girls.

He says he love you but he flits with other girls?

well as long as he doesnt try any thing trust him it might just be his personality

Why do girls whisper?

They're telling each other what they want to do with you.

Who does lelouch love?

Well, he loves Shirley. But, he loves CC most... not to include Nunnally, his sister, he loves Nunnally more than the other girls...

Is ray ray tongue tide?

No but my sis loves him and allot of other girls to but no!

What does it mean when a guy says he loves you and you haven't know each other that long?

Its either he is commited, or he want to do the nasty early and he is trying to convince you by telling you he loves you.

How do girls feel about your boyfriend?

Who gives a cheese what other girls think of your boyfriend the other girls are just idiots if there's noting wrong with him but if there telling you stuff that can't be ignored then INVESTIGATE

How do you get over a guy if he told you that he loves you but you know he also loves other girls and you still really love him?

Your question has your answer. If he loves other girls and he's telling you he loves you then he is playing with all of your hearts and heads. How you get over him is realize that he is to selfish to give himself honestly and lovingly to you and you will never get the respect you deserve from him. Believe in your self and know that you are special and will find a real MAN, which this guy is not, that will treat you well.. Surround yourself with positive people that have nothing to do with this guy. Go to different places to meet people and get your self on the right track. Good luck.

What should you do if you were dating a girl and she is telling other guys she loves them?

Ask her why she is doing it and ask her how she would feel if you did the same.

What do Abigail and the girls accuse Marry of?

If you are taking about the play "The Crucible" then Abigail and the other girls accused Mary of witchcraft and blamed her for telling the courts that the girls were lying.

Why does he say he loves you and then he goes off and flirts with other girls and then he calls you and tells you he loves you does he like you or is he just using you?

ANSWER=No, this doesn't necessarily mean that he is using you, but I would tell him how you feel about him flirting or hanging out with other girls. If you believe he really loves you, then you needn't worry, but if he doesn't really seem to mean what he says, stay cautious!=

How do you know a guy loves you if he told other girls he loves you?

If you're asking that he probably does. You should ask him though, I don't know you or him personally or at all really.

Why do girls love girls?

because they sense some attraction btw the two. but they might love each other as friends and everybody loves their friend.

Things he does that means he still loves you?

not be too flirty with other girls and if he doesnt pressure you to do any thing

Why do girls kiss other girl?

They are lesbian. Soo,, that means that a girl likes or loves a girl. Basically,

Where can you tell the story of your failed marriage online?

When he starts acting weird or flits with other women or when he is abusses you and disrespects you which is a big pointer.

Why girls even falling in love gets attracted to some other boy?

It's pretty natural for a girl to be attracted to other boys and vise-versa. If she really loves the boy that she loves she'll tell him this.

I really don't no do you think he love me?

i have a boy friend that tells me that he loves me and that everysingle day he loves me more and more but he dont leaves in my same town and am afraid for him to be talking to other girls in his town do u think he really does love me i have a boy friend that tells me that he loves me and that everysingle day he loves me more and more but he dont leaves in my same town and am afraid for him to be talking to other girls in his town do u think he really does love me

What does it mean if other girls keep telling you to touch their you know whats?

Then they obviously like you. Give girls a try- im bi and Its actually really great wish i had girls asking me lol :P

What does Harry Styles both like and don't like in a girl?

He hates girls who scream and squeal especially while he's talking. He loves girls who like cuddling and aren't super serious about everything. He hates girls who tell themselves and other people they are ugly. He loves girls that fall asleep on his lap he calls it "Cute and romantic"

Is Justin Bieber cheating on other girls?

NO! Justin Bieber is not cheating on other girls because he loves me Patricia Joyceann Stutz and we are like two peas in a pot we stay together always side by side.

What does it mean when the boy sleep at the girls shoulder which in fact you known each other for just 3 days?

It mean he loves you.

How to get a girl who has a boyfriend but her boyfriend hangs out with two other girls all the time and typically cheating on her but she still loves him?

well you say that he hangs around with the other girls because of he goes out with them and is cheating on her and she will sometimes believe you and sometimes not

Sakura does not love Naruto so why does she get jealous when he has moments with other girls?

Because a part of her actually loves naruto she just wont admit it. in the manga will sakura tell naruto hinata loves him

What hair color does Justin Bieber like on girls?

brown hair !! :) he loves brown hair girls.. he still likes other hair colors but brown is his totally favorite ! <3