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When they combine they form a product

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Can you chemically combine oxygen and hydrogen to form a mixture called water?

Yes indeed you can combine oxygen and hydrogen chemically to form water, simply by burning hydrogen in oxygen or air - two atoms of hydrogen combine with one atom of oxygen to form H2O - (although strictly speaking, in the context of chemistry, the water so produced would not necessarily be a "mixture").

When hydrogen and oxygen are mixed they form water then why exist in gaseous form?

very high temperature is needed to combine hydrogen and oxygen. at that temperature, water exists in gaseous form Oxygen exists as a gas in our atmosphere, because there isn't very much hydrogen in the atmosphere. If the Earth's atmosphere contained a substantial amount of hydrogen mixed with the oxygen, it would be an explosive mixture. Any spark would set it off. They the oxygen and hydrogen would combine to form water, and we would be left without enough oxygen to breathe.

When hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water would be?

You question is incoherent. 4H2 + O2 -> 2H2O

Can you live with hydrogen and oxygen instead of H2O?

No, you would need energy to combine hydrogen and oxygen into H2O

Do hydrogen and oxygen have to be in liquid form to make water?

No, liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen would be rather explosive and in fact has been used for rocket fuel. Alternate answer: No, while water is comprised of Hydrogen and Oxygen, the two usually combine when in a gaseous form.

Why is oxygen important to water?

Oxygen is important to water because oxygen is an element in water. Water is made of oxygen and hydrogen. Without oxygen, water would just be hydrogen, not water!

When a hydrogen and oxygen combine in water water would be?

you get a thing over at the thing in that place thats in the place next to the place you know what im talking about?

What is a substance produced when elements combine and whose properties are different?

That would be a compound. Combine the elements of hydrogen and oxygen, and get a compound (water) that is quite different from the two gasses you started with.

What might happen if you combine water and nitrogen?

If Nitrogen would have properties like Fluorine(and higher reactivity than Oxygen), it could have displaced Oxygen from Water to form a compound Hydrogen Nitride

What is a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen?

A mixture of hydrogen and oxygen would be a highly flammable gaseous mixture. If ignited, the mixture would burn, explode, and form water vapor. Water is not a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen but a compound.

In an electrolysis of water what produces more gas hydrogen or oxygen?

As each water molecule contains one atom of Oxygen and two atoms of Hydrogen you would expect electrolysis of water to produce twice as much Hydrogen as Oxygen.

Why the amount of hydrogen is doubled from oxygen during electrolysis of water?

As each water molecule contains one atom of Oxygen and two atoms of Hydrogen you would expect electrolysis of water to produce twice as much Hydrogen as Oxygen.

What forms when two hydrogen molecules combine with one oxygen molecule?

2(H2) + O2 = 2(H2O) So, two molecules of water would be formed.

What would a world be like without hydrogen?

For one thing there would be no water since water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen.

How is the formula for water different than the formula for hydrogen peroxide?

Water is H2O. Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2. Hydrogen peroxide has one more oxygen atom per molecule than water. The extra oxygen is what makes it a peroxide. "Hydrogen oxide" would be water. The extra oxygen also makes hydrogen peroxide much more reactive than water due to the unstable oxygen-oxygen bond.

What accounts for most of the mass of water?

water is made of two elements oxygen and hydrogen. H2O..being that there are two parts of hydrogen and one part oxygen. then most of the mass of water would be hydrogen.

Does hydrogen or oxygen have a stronger pull in a water molecule?

i would think tht oxygen would pull in the water molecule. because the oxygen is full with water vapor and gases.

Is oxygen an example of a hydrogen compound?

No because Oxygen is an element and it only contains atoms of Oxygen and nothing else, no Hydrogen at all. A compound of Hydrogen must contain Hydrogen plus something else. Water contains Hydrogen and Oxygen (H2O) so that would be a compound of Hydrogen and oxygen.

Could life as we know it survive with only oxygen?

I think, no. We need oxygen and hydrogen to make water so with only oxygen and no hydrogen we would have no water and life as we know it cannot exist without water

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