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...I would say check the brake calipers make sure everything is tight, check the tires and make sure that they are well balanced and inflated properly, check the brake rotars for any warps... check the alignment, and check to see if the steering stability shock is still in good working order.

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When should you drive in the far right lanes on the freeway?

When you drive slow!! And if you do, you really need to be in the right lane. Because if you drive slow in the left lane, you'll really (really) make people mad!

Why does your 2003 cavalier make a clunking sound when turning right at slow speeds?

Type your answer here... if it is a front wheel drive it could need c.v.Joint's. Just a thought

How do you change an indicator globe right front on a Ford Futura BA?

It is a slow car

On multiple lane highways slow drivers should drive?

. . . . in the right lane unless passing another vehicle.

What does yield right of way mean?

It means the other car has the right of way, and you must yield to him, ie, let him go in front of you. You don't have to stop, just slow down enough for him to get on the highway in front of you.

Where should a slow driver drive?

s20 (slow 20)

Do slower drivers have to drive on the right?

Technically, driving law says to stay right except to pass. So that means that you could technically get a ticket for driving slow in the other lanes if the right lane is empty. So to be safe, always drive on the right unless you are passing.

When was Slow Traffic to the Right created?

Slow Traffic to the Right was created in 1976.

Your dust cap keeps coming off on the right front side when you hit a driveway at around 15 mph?

Slow down.

How close should you drive behind another car in icy conditions?

You shouldn't drive close at all in poor driving conditions. Give yourself plenty of space between you and the car in front of you and slow down.

How do you drive on icy roads?

ANSWER Very CarefullyANSWERIn other-words drive slow.

Impaired drivers will sometimes?

drive slow

When you drive in fog you should?

Slow down.

What are indications of bad front wheel bearings Are there instructions on how to replace them?

When the wheel bearing goes, you will usually hear a whining moan noise that will increase as you drive faster, and decrease as you slow down. If the noise is coming from the front, you can determine which wheel it is by steering the car left and right as you travel. Steering the car left causes the weight to shift to the opposite (right) side and vice versa. So if the noise gets louder when you turn right, the left side bearing is worn out...louder when you turn left, the right side is worn out.

What vehicle is not allowed to drive down the right hand lane of a three lane motor way?

Trucks/Lorries, or any slow moving vehicle.

What does turtle mean in the Cherokee tribe?

The Cherokee word for "turtle" is dagisi or ᏓᏗᏏ. There are numerous Cherokee turtle folk stories - turtles are usually represented as being slow and patient. Turtleshells are used for men's rattles and women's leg rattles in dancing, so at dances the term "dag'si" often refers to the women dancers.

Why do older people drive so slow?

Older people drive so slow because their reflects es aren't as sharp any more and their brains are old.

Who sings the chart song slow slow it right down?


What could be wrong if car makes a loud noise in front like wheels are rubbing when in drive going forward not turning and is slow or fast moving?

either it is broke or needs oil

Why drive with hazards on?

When you are a hazard to other drivers: Drive too slow on highway Problem with vehicle

When you drive off the edge of a cliff are you more likely to survive if you were to drive slowly or fast?


Is slow direct a objects?

well, slow can be an adverb, verb, or adjective. verb: His broken leg slowed him down. adjective: I dislike slow people. adverb: Drive slow.

Which sign tells you to keep in the right-hand lane when driving slow?

Slow traffic keep right sign

How do you drive a moped?

The right handgrip turns. Turn it clockwise and the bike will speed up. There are no gears or clutch, everything is automatic. Brakes are the opposite way round to what you find on a bike. right side is front brake, left side is back brake. Twist the right hand grip clockwise to go and more for more speed and counter clockwise to slow down or stop (along with using the brakes)

How do the wheels on a steam train work?

The front ones help guide the loco into turns, the drive wheels move the whole train, and the trailing trucks hold up the firebox. Note that slow (switchers say) locos needed only drive wheels.