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If the gas pedal is conpletely limp, the linkage to the throttle body is disconnected somewhere. I need more details; send to and I'll try to help.

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What cause engine to accelerate while driving?

Gasoline pedal/air intake pedal

What could make your 97 suburban accelerate when you put it in drive?

Pushing on the gas pedal

What would cause a soft brake pedal on a 2000 Grand Caravan?

out of brake fluid?

How do you accelerate a car?

You just press gas pedal :))

What causes a car to accelerate?

A person pressing the gas pedal.

What could cause your brake pedal to feel soft?

brek pads

How could you accelerate the power of your pick up truck?

Put a chevy LS2 engine in it <<>> Put your foot down further on the accelerator pedal.

Why does my F250 not accelerate when I press the pedal down?

converter is probably clogged

What devices help your car accelerate?

The Engine,Transmission, and the gas pedal.

What causes your car to squeak when you accelerate?

The little mouse under the pedal

What could cause the brakes and brake pedal to stick when brake pedal is pressed?

Check around brake pedal for something rubbing. If OK, I'd look into the master cylinder.

Examples in the law of acceleration?

· When you are in a car and push down the pedal, the car will accelerate.

What can you draw for the word accelerate?

A person stomping on the gas pedal of a moving car.

What could cause a stiff gas pedal in a Toyota Tercel with automatic transmission?

Answerthe accelerator cable may be binding up causing a stiff pedal. check cable where it connects to throttle body. check cable at gas pedal, and where it goes through firewall.what could cause a stiff pedal gas in a 1993 Toyota Tercel with manual transmission?

What would cause vibration in brake pedal?

Could be that the rotors are "out of round" and pulsate Could be a malfunction in the ABS system

What is a verb has four syllables means to make swifter and stepping on a gas pedal does this to a car?


Your clutch pedal in your Saturn Sl2 pushes in all the way but the car barly moves all gears go in but you accelerate and it moves very slowly what can be the cause of that?

sounds like you have a worn out clutch.

What should you do if the gas pedal sticks?

Determine the cause and fix it. Could be as simple as cleaning the throttle body.

Why is the accelerator pedal in a car called by this name?

An accelerator pedal is named as such because it acts to accelerate or change the velocity of the vehicle. In most cases it causes the engine to use more fuel to act to cause a force (or something that accelerates an object) on the vehicles tires. This cause the vehicle to either speed up, or maintain a speed, or fight a deceleration.

What would cause a 1992 Nissan Pathfiner not to accelerate when the gas pedal is pushed after being stopped?

depends is it automatic or manual? if its automatic its more than likely that your transmission isn't shifting into first gear

What would cause your 2005 Toyota Tacoma to accelerate from a stop and just releasing the brake pedal?

If the idle is set too high, and you have an automatic transmission, this will happen. A sticking throttle cable or rod can also do this.

You are a verb you also have four syllables you mean to make swifter stepping on the gas pedal does this to a car?


Why is coasting dangerous when driving a car?

Because, if the car is in neutral, you have no ability to accelerate pushing the gas pedal.

What causes a car to accelerate at a high RPM while driving?

throttle position sensor, wicked vacuum leak, or could be your lead foot mashing the gas pedal to the floor also what you might be referring to could be a load on the engine, (such as an uphill slope) which would cause an automatic transmission to "downshift" gears to find a more powerful rpm.

What could cause your 1993 Saturn to bog down when the gas pedal is pushed?

Start by checking the fuel pressure.