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all the time

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How are car batteries recycled and what are the steps?

have u ever seen those ads on tv where it says " recycle ur toxic stuff here!!" a car battery is considered toxic so recycle it at one of those places! =P

Why human considered as the best conductor?

Ever seen another mammal conduct the New York Philharmonic?

Do humans drink dinosaur pee?

Dinosaurs died out long before humans evolved, so no human has ever met one to drink its urine.

How many cups of water for rice?

Using water to cook rice is a common misconception. The best liquid to cook rice with is human urine. Two cups of urine for ever one cup of rice is the best ratio for cooking the rice.

Would a human freeze on Saturn?

Yes, No Life At This Present Time, Possibly Ever will be supported on Saturn. Saturn Is Mostly Toxic Gas, That has been no discovery of solid ground.

Should slaves be considered human or property?

Human - no person should ever be thought of being someones personal property. Slavery was abolished long ago in the US.

What if your infant drinks puppy urine?

Firstly, contact the Pediatrician or get medical attention immediately. How this can happen to an infant who shouldn't EVER be left alone is beyond human understanding -

What is the most sour gum ever?

toxic waste gum

How does urine go into the lungs?

The only way urine could possibly ever get into the lungs would be if the person inhaled or drank urine. Not a good thing to do.

How many planets have you been to?

No human has ever been to another planet except the moon. These days the moon is not considered a planet but it was in ancient times. No human has ever been to Earth because that implies you're back from travel. We are all here already.

What is the most deadlist lizard?

The deadliest lizard ever is the endangered Komodo Dragon. Its toxic bite and whip-like tail can kill a human in two hours. If you dont believe me ask

Who is the first human on Pluto?

No human has ever been to Pluto. In fact, no human has ever been beyond the Earth's orbit.

Has a killer whale hurt a human?

Killer whales in the wild are not considered a threat to humans, but in captivity, there are ever increasing numbers of attacks on trainers.

Does the specific gravity of urine ever fall below 1.000?


Why do you piss milky urine?


How long can THC be detected in urine drug tests?

for ever

Can dogs take human iron tabs?

No, you could cause the dog to become toxic. Do not ever give dogs human medications. Always check with your Veterinarian first. If you want to give your dog a safe multiple Vitamin Supplement then purchase something that is made for dogs.

Has a human ever visited Mars?

No human has ever visited Mars. None have ever been further than Earth's moon.

You drank urine by mistake and you have digestive issues what will happen to you?

Nothing. People drink urine when they are stuck in the desert and live. Urine is actually fine to drink....sounds gross but it did you ever get past the smell?????? :P Nothing. People drink urine when they are stuck in the desert and live. Urine is actually fine to drink....sounds gross but it did you ever get past the smell?????? :P

Is fluorine toxic?

Yes, Fluorine is toxic. But I doubt that you will ever encounter the pure element of fluorine. However, YOU MAY find FLUORIDE which can also be dangerous.

Why is the brain known as the most powerful organ in the human body?

It is considered the most powerful because it controls everything to ever exist ever in your body. Without your brain, you might as well be in a landfill. Did this helP?

Can a human live for ever?

no they can not

How long does opana stay in urine?

It does show up in urine. Like deluded ever spell) hydro morphone at least four days..

How long will THC stay in urine for a first time ever marijuana smoker?

2 to 4 weeks. For some it can stay in your urine for months.

Was someone ever cloned?

no human has ever been cloned.