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Can a player dribble the ball before inbounding the ball under the basket after a made shot?

Yes, as long as you smile pretty at the refs

Do high school rules allow for two players to run out of bounds after a made basket and one player pass the ball to another player along the baseline before inbounding the ball?


Were women allowed to play basketball in the 1940s?

no the women are not allowed to play basket ball before 1940's

In basketball is a foul and a violation the same thing?

Generally, the answer is no. For instance, a lane violation is not a foul. When a player is shooting a free throw, the other players underneath the basket are not allowed to enter the key until that player releases (shoots) the ball. If they enter the key before the player shoots the ball, that is a lane violation, and the player will shoot another free throw (unless he made the shot). Thus, a violation is not always a foul.

Can a player inbounding ball advance it down the court before another teammate touches the ball?

The player inboundin the ball can throw it all the way down the court, but someone else has to touch the ball once inbounded before the person inbounding the ball to touch it

How long is a high school player allowed to hold the ball before having a clock violation?

24 seconds

When inbounding the basketball do both feet need to be established inbounds before receiving a return pass?


What is the five second rule?

When inbounding the ball, the team inbounding has five seconds to get the ball to a teammate. Should the inbounding team take longer than five seconds to do that, they turn the ball over to the other team. well that, or dropping food on the floor, then picking it up before five seconds because people think that not a lot of germs are on the floor in 5 seconds.

Are people allowed to print artwork off of deviantART?

You have to get their permission before doing so, otherwise it's a copyright violation and it breaks the law.

What is a lane or key violation in basketball?

A lane violation is when a player tries to get a rebound before the ball gets to touch the rim during a free throw (high school rules). A key violation or "3 in the key" is when a player (offensive player or defensive player) is under the basket (known as the "paint") for more than 3 seconds.

Is it a technical foul in Basketball to hit the ball out of the inbounders hands before he releases the ball?

No. But the referee just let the inbounding to be repeated.

How many seconds is an offensive player allowed to stay in lane before a lane violation is called?

You're only allowed 3 seconds in the lane otherwise the opposing team shoots 1 technical foul shot and gets the ball after.

In basketball what rule deters offensive players from camping out under the basket?

i dont know what deter means. but i think its the 3 second violation. you gotta get outta the key before the ref counts 3 seconds. sometimes the ref approximates

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Can the inbounding player cross the plane of the out of bounds line before making the pass if they do not touch a part of the court before passing the ball?

Yes. there are no "crossing the plane" rules in basketball. Its always about where your feet are touching the ground or where they were last touching the ground.

Do you leave your Easter basket out on Easter night?

No, you leave your Easter basket out the night before Easter, so that when you wake up in the morning, you will see that the Easter Bunny pooped some jellybeans into your basket.

How long before a moving violation is cleared off your driving record in Iowa?

A moving violation will not be actively costing you points after about 3 years. The violation itself will remain on your court record indefinitely.

Can a team call a time out after making a basket?

Once a basket is scored, as long as it is done before the other team can start the throwing motion!!

What does it mean to square up to the basketball?

to look at the basket before you shoot

What word can go before cake bat salad and basket?


How long before you received your traffic violation ticket in the mail?

about a month

What are the violations in basketball?

Traveling violation (when player takes more than two steps after dribbling in FIBA you can't even take one step, in the NBA you can take two, in some countries you can take three).Over and back/back-court-violation (When player with the ball steps behind the half-court line after crossing it).Kicked-Ball-violation (when a player on defense kicks the ball).Double-dribbling violation (A player cannot stop dribbling and then start back).Five second violation (A player has five seconds to inbound the ball before the ref blows the whistle).Eight second violation (NBA)/Ten second violation (high school/college) (A player has eight seconds to bring the ball to the other side of the court to the basket they're trying to score on when going on offense. In high school and college it's 10 seconds instead of 8).24 second shot-clock violation (NBA)/35 second shot-clock violation (NCAA) (Players on offense has 24 seconds set on their shot-clock which is mostly set above the backboard, they have 24 seconds (35 in college) to make a basket, if the clock expires without the ball being shot first it's a violation, if the ball hits the rim and the team on offense rebounds (gets) the ball they will have a new 24 seconds).Three-in-the-key violation (player's cannot stay in the paint area under the rim for 3 seconds unless they are guarding someone).Back-to-basket (Player cannot be in the post with a player guarding him with his/her back turned for five seconds).

Who could best benefit from a wine basket?

A wine basket is a nice gift to give someone. It is important to make sure that they are over 21, do not have medical conditions that prevent them from drinking, and enjoy wine before giving them the basket.

Can a moving violation be changed to a non-moving voilation after it was already paid?

No. Your moving violation CAN be changed to a non-moving violation ONLY by the judge that you see when you go to court for that violation BEFORE payment. By paying your ticket, you are basically pleading guilty and waiving your right to a trial.

Β If you take 2 apples out of a basket containing 6 apples how many apples do you have?

it depends on whether there are 6 apples in the basket before or after you took the two out... and whether the the apples in the basket are yours or not to begin with...possible answers:2 (if you count the apples that you have at hand)4 (if you are counting the apples in the basket only)6 (if there are 6 before you take two out and all the apples in the problem as yours)8 (if there are 6 apples in the basket after you took the two out in which case there are 8 apples in total)