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condensing unit, elecric panel, electrical service enterance, grounding rod

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Q: When inspecting an air conditioner in many areas an exterior electrical disconnect is required in sight of the?
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Exterior electrical disconnect is required in sight of what?

It is usually expressed the other way around. The electrical disconnect has to be within 20 feet and line of sight of the equipment you are working on.

How do you replace the passenger side mirror on a 2005 Ford Focus?

Removal and Installation Remove the trim panel. Release the clip. Release the locating tabs. Remove the trim panel. Disconnect the exterior mirror control switch electrical connector. Disconnect the exterior mirror electrical connector. Release the clip. Release the electrical connector. Disconnect the electrical connector. Remove the exterior mirror. Remove the bolt. If equipped, remove the screw. To install, reverse the removal procedure.

Do electrical panels need an exterior electrical disconnect?

Some form of disconnect is wise and safe to have for performing service work either a buss main or external and should be within 5 feet in sight of the panel.

An air conditioner should have an exterior disconnect located where?

The definative answer to this question should be located in the NEC, but I would say within sight and reach of the condensing unit.

When inspecting an air conditionerin many areas an exterior electrical disconnect is required in sight of the A condensing unit B electrical panel C electrical service entrance D grounding rod?

D, In California an unfused disconnect switch shall be installed within sight of any grounding rod as per NEC code for the following reasons: A) To definatively locate the grounding rod, B) To allow for service including troubleshooting, removal for cleaning and/or replacement of a defective grounding rod during periods of unstable atmospheric activity.

Exterior electrical disconnect required in sight of the what?

If it is a swamp cooler no if it is a condensing unit then yes. In sight is described as being within 50 feet with clear visibility

How far away should the disconnect switch be located from an exterior hot tub?

5 feet

Exterior electrical service wires should be 3 feet away from what?

Exterior electrical service wires be at least 3 feet away from the sides, bottom, top, and front of all openable windows.

What is a exterior electrical disconnect?

It is a small metal box close to an outside air or heat conditioning system that supplies the supply voltage to that unit. Inside that box is a pullout removable contact to remove the connections for servicing or other problems.

Exterior electrical service should be 3 feet away from what?

Windows that can be opened.

How do you replace an exterior driver's side door handle on a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII?

Disconnect positive battery cable, remove all the bolts and screws from the door panel, disconnect the electrical plugs and carefully remove the panel. Remove the two nuts that hold the handle on, remove the linkage and reverse procedure to install.

Exterior compressor is missing the breaker at the exterior service disconnect The Heat which is also effective by this also didn't operate what problem?

It sounds like one leg of your service distribution is open.

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