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remove plastic trim piece from radio and air controlls, remove 4 screws to remove radio, install din to din and a half adapter(plastic piece picked up at any place selling car audio equipment) . wire adapter harness(adapter to plug new radio into vehicle w/o having to hard wire radio to vehicle, also purchased at audio store) to new radio harness plug radio in, verify connections, install radio into new din housing install plastic trim, enjoy.

2007-01-20 01:12:27
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Q: When installing an aftermarket radio in a 95 trans am is there anything special you need to do?
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When installing aftermarket radio do you have to keep factory radio in an 2004 impala?

yes! run it to the trunk

How do you bypass or integrate amp on 1993 318is when installing aftermarket radio?

get the after market wiring harness

Installing aftermarket radio in 97 skylark skylark?

Go to They have all kinds of installation kits.

Where do I hook up the orange wire when installing an aftermarket radio in a 1991 dodge Dakota?

that wire is for the radio dimmer. when you turn on your headlights the radio dims so your not blinded at night. Some aftermarket stereos have a place to hook this wire up and some don't.

How do you install aftermarket radio in a 2000 codge caravan?

how do i install a aftermarket radio in a dodge caravan

How do you wire the speakers on an aftermarket radio in an 89 Lincoln town car?

You have to go purchase an aftermarket wiring harness. that will plug into the factory harness then you can wire it to the aftermarket radio.

Fuse for dash lights blowing after installing aftermarket radio need suggestion or radio wiring diagram on 86 300zx?

Must be that you are using the old speaker wiring that is COMMON GROUND wired. Aftermarket Radio will not like that sort of wiring for speakers. You need to run new wires at least to the rear speakers or I would do all 4 just cause the wiring is old.

How do you install aftermarket radio on 1990 corvette?

well if it is the Bose speakers which have an amplifier and it probably is than you need to buy not only the wiring harness but a 40$ cord from circuitcity they know what one and get the 17ft long one plug that into your radio and run the cord back to the amplifier which i still have not had time to look for i just found this out today because i am installing a aftermarket radio myself

How do you install a aftermarket radio to a Mitsubishi eclipse 2001?

You will need a special wire harness. You can get it along with instructions and support at

Can aftermarket radio work with GM theftlock?

yes you can install an aftermarket radio in a GM vehicle that is equiped with a theft lock radio. the radio itsel has the theftlock not the car so you can install any aftermarket radio in the car. There may be some other parts that you may need to install an aftermarket radio such as a dash kit, wiring harness and antenna adaptor. If your vehicle is a newer model with Bose and onstar, you may need an integration kit made by PAC-audio.

Installing a cb radio in Chevy Impala?

Installing a CB radio in a Chevy Impala begins which installing the mount and location a suitable power source. The radio is then mounted to the dash, wired up, and the antenna connected.

How do change fuse for radio?

if its for your aftermarket radio it shold be in the back of the radio also check your fuse pannel

Can an aftermarket radio be installed in a 2000 impala?


Can I install aftermarket speakers with a factory radio?

You can install aftermarket speakers with a factory radio, but if you're not good with car electronics you may want to have someone else install them for you.

What are the color codes to install a jvc 180w stereo in your 1994 Saturn?

Please visit my bio for access to my Saturn help site. here you will find a diagram of the factory wireing to assist you in installing your aftermarket radio.

Why my Radio keep going in and out and now it won't play at all in my 2001 Tahoe?

Is it an aftermarket radio?

Can you put bass on a 2003 eclipse GT with stock radio?

if your asking if you can put subwoofers on the stock radio then no you have to have an aftermarket radio

Can an aftermarket stereo radio replace a Bose radio in a 1997 Nissan Maxima?

Yes, an aftermarket stereo radio can replace a Bose radio in a 1997 Nissan Maxima. Remove the old radio from the dash and put in the new one. A new mounting frame might be required to make the new radio fit properly.

What do you do if your aftermarket radio wiring harness does not match the factory wires?

Many aftermarket companies sell adapters for aftermarket wire harnesses. They have the original factory harness at one end and you cennect that to the harness that came with the radio. Check your local car audio installer.

Why do I have power but not sound when installing aftermarket radio in 1997 Dodge Dakota?

If there is power in the radio but the system is lacking sound then there is a problem with the speaker connections. On the 1997 Dodge Dakota check the speaker connections with a spark tester. If no spark trace the wires to find any loose or incorrect connections.

Is there an aftermarket radio available to fit in the current radio space of a 1989 C1500 Chevy pickup?


Why when you turn off and on again your car you loose the radio channels ant the hours of the clock?

Its because your 12v memory wire, usually yellow on aftermarket stereos, isn't holding 12 volts, which you need to find an alternate wire that is 12 volts with the key on or off and u can usually find this in the fuse box, this usually happens when u connect the yellow and red wires together when installing an aftermarket radio

I need radio code for 1977 240d Mercedes?

The radio the 1977 240D is equipped with does not require a radio code. If you have an aftermarket radio, you will need to contact the manfucaturer.

How do you get a aftermarket radio to work if you have the factory amp?

bypass the factory amp

Can you use an aftermarket radio in a 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo?