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They say Beyblade season 4 is airing in Japan in August (not sure what date), but it would be awhile (maybe a few months) before it is dubbed and is released in other countries. If your really desperate to see it, it would most likely be on YouTube soon after its release, and someone may put subtittles on it.
According to the Official Bey Blade company, there will be a new BEYBLADE theme, called BEYBLADE Burst, there is no set time for release, just announced as coming soon.

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When is beyblade metal masters coming out?

it is coming out in June

When is Beyblade metal fusion coming?

It depends where you live

When is Beyblade metal fusion coming out to Dubai?

they r already in

When is Beyblade metal fury coming out in English?

Fall 2012

When is metal fight Beyblade coming to US?

June 1st

When is beyblade metal masters episode 49 coming out?


How can you get your username back in Beyblade?

You cant

When is Beyblade metal explosion coming out in America?

Sometime in spring, if not, summer.

Is beyblade burst coming to Cartoon Network?

No but has come to Disney XD

What are the stats of Dark Wolf?

the stats are on the back of the package of the beyblade you got depends if you got your beyblade from the mail.

Will there be a next season after Beyblade Metal 4D?

no there is a new season coming in japan in july 2012 its called beyblade zero g is very cool.

When is beyblade big bang pegasus coming to Canada?

I think next year

When is Beyblade metal masters airing in Australia?

I think it is coming out on April 6th

When is Beyblade metal fight coming out in Australia?

It is coming soon but remember this the thing that decides who wins a bey battle in the end is not the beys strength, but rather it's the Blader's spirit. And beyblade metal fight will come soon!

Will the fourth season of Beyblade come to Kentucky?

Yes, the fourth season of beyblade will definatly be coming to Kentucky. And, in case you were wondering, it is said to be released in the Fall of 2010.

When is the Golden Lighting L Drago Beyblade coming out in the US?

its already out u idiot

What are some beyblade tournaments coming up in 2012 summer and 2013 in brookyn?


What happened to beyblade?

Beyblade had 3 original seasons Beyblade,vforce and g-revolution. It was then abandoned. Recently it has been brought back as Metal fusion beyblade, it hasn't even got the original characters its completely rubbish. Nothing like the originals, in the newer beyblade there always battling on the streets.

Watch Beyblade Movies?

beyblade the movie on beyblade the movie beyblade action beyblade the movie on beyblade the movie beyblade action

Where do you get hard metal system Beyblade?

The HEAVY metal system is coming internationally in 2010. Till then, eBay, my friend. Ok don't listen to this guy... there will be a new sesion of beyblade called beyblade metal fusion and its coming in spring 2010 so for now go to eBay or the store or something and what i said will come true i swear to god.... i hope *gulp*

When is the 4th Season of Beyblade coming?

Outside Japan, in 2010 or 2011. In Japan, this April 2009.

When is Beyblade metal fusion coming out in Australia?

it already has they sell sell them at target near me at shellharboar

When is beyblade metal fusion explosion coming to Australia?

There has been no official release date yet

When will Beyblade metal explosion toys come out in India?

beyblade explosion is coming in india on 22nd october 2011 sat to sun 9 pm..and the range of toys has already arrived.

How do you Save on Beyblade Metal Fusion DS?

you save by pressing back