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When is Brian Griffin's birthday?

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No specific date has been given but in the episode Road to Rhode Island, Brian is shown having recently been born.

Since the episode originally aired in May 2000 and the on-screen text says '7 Years Earlier', unofficially Brian was born in May 1993.
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When is Stewie Griffin's birthday?

No official date has been given but he celebrated his birthday in "Chitty Chitty Death Bang" and it aired April 18th , so that could be his unofficial birthday. However, his age has been fixed at 1 year old.

What is the griffin's weakness?

Well that depends on what kind of griffin you're talking about. If you mean a normal griffin, it can usually be killed by beheading, any type of fatal wound by a weapon, drowning (that's very hard), burning (that's very hard too), etc. . Traditionally in most legends, griffins are not assigned any ( Full Answer )

Who is Meg Griffin's father?

It was revealed in Screwed the Pooch that Stan Thompson is Meg's real father although that fact is still unknown to her.

Who is Peter Griffin's boss?

Originally it was Jonathan Weed but he died and theHappy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory was destroyed. He then worked for Angela at the Pawtucket Brewery, howevernow that Carrie Fisher [Angela's voice actress] has passed away, itis unknown if he'll continue to work at the brewery or if they'llhave him mov ( Full Answer )

What is stewie griffin's favorite food?

Graham Crackers! He is constantly asking Lois, Chris, or anyone else tall enough to reach the cabinet to get them for him!. Also, his favorite beverage is apple juice.

Who are Peter Griffin's Grandparents?

Josiah Griffin & Peter's Grandmother has never been named. None of Peter's female relatives have even been given names.

Who is Lois Griffin's brother?

Patrick Pewterschmidt (he was voiced by Robert Downey Jr.) Introduced in Season 4|Episode 17 Fat Guy Strangler , he was committed to an insane asylum after seeing his mother and Jackie Gleason have sex.

What is Blake griffin's ethnicity?

Blake is half Irish from his mother's side... hense the gingerness. and he's half haitian/black from his father's side.

What is Peter Griffin's true backstory?

His mother is Thelma Griffin, his biological father is Mickey McFinnigan. The father who raised him was Francis Griffin. He was born in Mexico but since Thelma didn't file naturalization papers, he was technically a Mexican citizen until his early 40s. Anything else you'd like to know?

When is Brian cardoso's birthday?

Brian Cardoso's birthday is on February 25th, 1976. This means he is 35 years old today! thanks tdbrooks

When is Lois Griffin's birthday?

It is unknown. It has never been stated officially, however, the episode "Stewie Kills Lois" takes place on her birthday so if we assume the episode's air date is her birthday, she was (very unofficially) born on November 04th She started the series at 40 but she has aged to 43.

Who is Kathy Griffin's deceased brother?

Kathy Griffen's oldest brother,Kenny,would have turned 70 or 71years old this December 25th. He always seemed to have a slightissue on his birthday because the guy who shared this birthday wasmore famous and always got more attention. I met Kenny in Octoberof 1972 when my band was playing at "Mother ( Full Answer )

What is Kathy griffin's house worth?

What is Kathy Griffin has a net worth of 20 million dollars. Her7,300 sq. ft estate is atop the Hollywood Hills and is worth over 4million dollars.

Where is Griffin's Niece HorseIsle?

first you must go to the north of griffin's house just outside his house then you use search tool and head for Eartip Forest. from there start to look for Wendy every corner of the Eartip Forest) Enjoy ImmortalP. server: brown Wendy is just north of the dead tree in the forest. ( I don't know if s ( Full Answer )

Who are the beneficiaries of Merv Griffin's estate?

His son, who is entitled to receive $2 million a year and, if/when the assets are sold is entitled to 60% of the proceeds after payment of any liabilities -- Merv, who was gay, gave did not entrust his son with his beloved 2 dogs ($500000 for their care was given to another individual for their care ( Full Answer )

Who are Peter Griffin's parents?

Thelma Griffin ( Mom voiced by Phyllis Diller , first appearance by Florence Stanley ) . Francis Griffin ( Dad who raised him , voiced by Charles Durning ) . Mickey McFinnigan ( Biological Father , meet once, voiced by Seth MacFarlane )

What is Brian Aubert's birthday?

I believe Brian Aubert's Birthday is June 12th (Gemini) ....However, am unaware of what year he was born. I'm thinking between 1974 - 1979, possibly?

What is stewie griffin's family tree?

Parents: Lois & Peter Griffin Grandparents: Barbara & Carter Pewterschmidt (Mother's Side) Grandparents: Thelma & Francis Griffin (Father's Side) although Mickey McFinnigan is apparently Stewie's natural paternal Grandfather.

Where is Uncle Griffin's Ladder on horseisle?

It's really simple. All you have to do is: Talk to Griffin, and he will give it to you Return to his niece , and give it to her. She will take you back to Griffin, and you just talk to him

Who are the Griffin's relativesin the family guy?

the griffens are there own little family but they are related to carter pewdersmidch and barbra pewdersmidch and her brothers called Patrick pewdersmidch peters dads called micky mcfinnigan and his mums called Tracy flannigan

When is Meg Griffin's birthday?

No specific date has been given but if we assume her birthday to be the date the episode Peter's Two Dads aired, the episode that featured her birthday, then she was born unofficially on February 11th .

What are Peter Griffin's hobbies?

He doesn't have any real hobbies. He's either watching TV orhanging out at the Drunken Clam with the guys. If the episode's plot requires him to have interests, like theDJ-ing in the most recent one, then that will be his hobby for thatone episode but it'll go back to normal by the end of the episod ( Full Answer )

What is Stewie Griffin's job?

He's a baby. He doesn't have a job. Although he was forced to get one at McDonalds in 'Baby Not on Board' when he was left home alone.

What color are Stewie Griffin's eyes?

I'll repeat the answer that was here previously, although I'll leave out the insult that accompanied it. They have no color, they're white with a black dot.

What color is Brian Griffin's collar in Family Guy?

Wouldn't it make more sense to simply Google an image of Brian Griffin instead of coming to this website, asking this question and then waiting around for an answer ? Logic aside... It's red w/ a yellow tag

What is NBA player Blake griffin's address?

4873 Hampton Lane, LA Im his neighbor. Well, whoever wrote their answer above, should at least know Blake Griffin doesn't live in LA. He lives on a beach front property on Manhattan Beach.

What are some of the Griffin's personality traits?

Those who have number 4 birthdays have a Gryphon personality because they possess a genuine gift for being prepared, punctual, and planning ahead. They tend to be somewhat cautious people, who usually are not the ones to act first and think later; and generally remain cool under fire, being careful ( Full Answer )

What is Griffin's dads invention in swindle?

Griffin's dad's invention is the Smartpick. It pretty much picksfruit from the trees for you. Griffin's mom dosen't like the ideabecause people can just use their bare hands to do it.So...........yeah!

What is Stewie Griffin's time machine password?

I don't recall Stewie ever stating a specific password for his machine. Perhaps you should watch the episodes, Road To Germany, The Big-Bang Theory or Back To The Pilot and see. The only time I can recall when we see a clear view of the keypad is in Family Guy Viewer Mail 2 , but even then you ( Full Answer )

Who are Peter Griffin's children?

Meg (Oldest), Chris (Middle) & Stewie (Youngest) Peter Jr. (Deceased) Although he never knew it, he was the father of Bertram (Deceased)since it was his sperm used at the sperm bank. Although, Stan Thompson is apparently Meg's father so he currently& technically only has 2 but since he's raised h ( Full Answer )

What is the birthday of Brian Pumper?

Brian Pumper was born April 25, 1981 in Hempstead, New York, USA. Brian Pumper is an American director, rapper and actor. He formed his own production company in 2006.

Could Brian Griffin's Killer be Carter Pewterschmidt?

Could it be? Well sure, it could be, but thenagain it could be Vinny, Ernie, Glenn, Seamus, Jerome,Adam West, Consuela, Tom Tucker, Ollie Williams, Jillian, Bonnie,another version of Stewie or another version of Brian himself. Itcould literally be any character that has ever appeared on Family ( Full Answer )

Was Brian Griffin's killer none other than a squirrel?

Are you asking if the driver of the car that killed Brian in thealternate time line was a squirrel? No. The driver was unimportant to the storyline & not focusedon, but there's no conceivable way it was a squirrel.