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When is Buddhism's day of worship?

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The Buddhist equivalent of the Sabbath day is on the New Moon, Full Moon, Waxing Gibbous and Waning Gibbous.

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What building do buddhisms worship?


What is the buddhisms place of worship?

Their place of worship is called a temple.

How do Buddhisms worship?

They meditate in front of Buddha or at their houses.

Where do you worship Buddhisms?

We do not worship in Buddhism since we believe in no immortal, omniscient gods. What we do we call Practice. We practice putting the Buddha's teachings into each thought, word and deed we do.

What is Buddhisms main beliefs?

Buddhisms main belief is to not kill any. Living thing and to have peace

Where do Buddhisms warship?

In a church

Day of worship of Judaism?

Jews worship every day.

What is the christians main day of worship to god?

We always worship God every day, but our main worship day is sunday.

What is the day of worship for jains?

like sikhism they worship every day.

What is buddhisms founding location?


What day do confucians worship?

they worship on cake

When is the worship of Judaism?

Worship in Judaism is every day, three times a day.

Where are buddhisms places of worship?

Buddhists do not worship any gods or beings, so the term worship as applied to what we Buddhists do is incorrect. We practice putting the teachings of the Buddha into every action, every thought and every word spoken. One of our main practices is meditation. We have temples were monks and nuns live and practice together and have group meditations.

Does Hinduism have a sacred or holy day of worship within the week?

Tuesday is a day of worship for them. They are to go to there temples and worship there Gods.

When is the day of worship for Islam?

there is no certain day on which Muslims worship. Muslims pray 5 times a day

Where do Christians worship and on what day do they worship?

Primarily, Christians worship in churches on Sundays.

What day do Sikh's worship?

Sikhs have no particular day to worship, any day, any place, any time is good to worship God. Though due to one's own schedule, Sundays happens to be the most apt day to worship.

What is the Hindu weekly day of worship?

they worship everyday

What day do scientologists worship?

They usually worship on Sundays.

What is a form of buddhisms that starts with z?


What is Buddhisms goal for human existence?


Do hindus worship 5 imes a day?

no, hindus do not worship 5 times a day. However Hindus do worship 3 times a day, at dawn, at afternoon and at dusk.

In what place and day do the Jews worship?

Jews worship God in synagogues, every day of the year.

What day do Islam worship?

Every day.

What day of the week does Islam worship?

Muslims do not worship a certain day of the week as they only acknowledge an extemporaneous God. As for the days upon which a Muslim will worship, Muslims worship every day on the week, but have an extended communal prayer on Friday Afternoon.